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ShockingBarack SlideShow of Awesomeness

Pics from the ride so far, collected from @shockingbarack , @brammodesigner , and the Adrian Daily Telegram.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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You can click through to the Picasa Web Folder that contains all the pictures.



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Road Racer X » Brammo TTXGP Qualifying Report

An article from today’s Road Racer X:

Brammo TTXGP Qualifying Report

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The world’s first no-emissions motorcycle race is now just hours away as the 23 teams from around the world hit the track tomorrow, June 12. For additional information about the event, visit

Team Brammo Enertia Best Buy Racing manager, Brian Wismann, who’s also Brammo’s director of product development, is thrilled with the progress the team has made and said, “Our crew is working smart to further refine the settings on both Enertia’s to achieve the right balance of speed and range, and we believe that we’re close to having the optimal mix. Starting with the same Brammo Enerita that customers can buy instead of a one-off, high-budget garage project has both challenges and advantages but we felt it was important to demonstrate the capability of a commercially available product and advance the category of electric powered transportation.”

To see interviews with Brian and other team members, go to Brammo’s YouTube channel.

Andy Leisner of Hardcard Holdings, the motorsports management firm that is assisting Team Brammo, said, “The experience on the Isle of Man has been incredible and we can’t thank Best Buy enough for all of their support they’re providing us, both from all of their infrastructure and promotional. I have been associated with some of the top racing programs in the world and the Brammo organization has brought a new level of wisdom and thinking to the sport. It’s no wonder they’re a leader in the design and production of electric motorcycles.”

You can follow Team Brammo Enertia Best Buy Racing on, or on Twitter at @BrammoSays. Additional pictures of the Enertia race bikes (including a hi-res photo enclosed in this email) and video can be found at

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Four Short Videos from Brammo about the TTR Enertia

The latest videos from Brammo about the TTR, starring Aaron Bland, Lead Engineer for the Brammo TTR race bike and the Enertia; Brian Wisman, Director of Product Development; and George Alter, Lead Electrical Engineer.


Bland, comparing the TTR to the stock Enertia: “This bike has about twice the power and three times the torque and well over twice the battery capacity on board.”


Biggest challenge according to Bland was fitting the larger batteries into the space available.  Also, “we’ve gone quite a bit bigger in the motor . . . and added a water cooling system . . . .” He said that what they have learned during the design of the TTR will be applied on future products, allowing them to get even more energy density and capacity in a compact motorcycle platform.


Wisman: “We’re putting in some massive hours, but, I can’t complain.  At the end of the day we’re getting to work on motorcycles full-time . . . .”


Alter: “The motor controller and motor that we are using are ‘big brothers’ of the production Enertia Motorcycle. . . .”

To me, these videos emphasize that Brammo’s detour into motorcycle racing is not just a frivolous distraction from their goal of producing a clean, green, commuter motorcycle.  Racing drives innovation in product development.  Competition figures into product improvement.  The drive to be better and faster can ultimately bring us a more efficient product.

While you ponder that, enjoy some of that sweet racing footage in video #1.

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Pictures of History (featuring the Brammo TTR) Updated with race results

The first picture is from the great photographer Amadeus, feature the TTR at the starting line:


The second, posted by @BrammoSays, shows the team rolling both bikes out to the starting line:


Still waiting to hear if they finished #3 and #4, or #2 and #3.  Either way, it’s a testament to the talent and skill of the design and racing teams that both bikes finished.  Only 10 of the 14 bikes that started today’s practice run were able to finish the race.

UPDATE: Race Results from TTXGP:

1) Rob Barber (AGNI) 26m41.39   84.819 mph  (Sulby 102Mph)

2) Dan Kneen (ManTTX) 32m01.81  70.677 mph

3) Chris Petty (Barefoot Motors) 33m35.09   67.405 mph

4) Thomas Montano (Mission)  33m45.98   67.043 mph

5) Thomas Schoenfelder (XXL)  34m07.44    66.341 mph

6) Roy Richardson (Brammo) 35m47.76   63.242 mph

7) Mark Buckley (Brammo) 35m52.11  63.114 mph

8 ) Chris Heath (ElectroMotorSports) 36m26.47   62.122 mph

9) George Spence (Kingston) 40m44.77   55.559 mph

10) Paul Dobbs (HTBlauva)  41m53.00  54.050 mph

So Brammo bikes finish within five seconds of each other, but 9 minutes (and avg. 20 mph) slower than the winner.  No biggie, as it’s just a qualifying run.  And remember that the big picture is about how racing drives innovation on the production models.

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TTXGP and Brammo et al., on Youtube

Great overview of TTXGP from jromeke’s youtube page.  Interviews with Brammo’s team leader (Brian Wisman) and also rider (Roy Richardson) are included, at no extra charge!

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Smiling Brammo Boys on IOM

Thanks to Amadeus Photography, here’s a pic of Team Brammo fueling juicing up the TTR on the Isle of Man.  I’m guessing that the power post on the right side of the picture is soon to be a common feature at these races.  Do you hear that, Lexington, Ohio?

I think that might be Brian Wismann with his back to the camera.

Juicing up the TTR on the Isle of Man

Juicing up the TTR on the Isle of Man

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