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Another Satisfied Brammo Test Ride

Being part of a community has its perks, and the group of subscribers and commenters at HellForLeather is no exception. About a year ago I wrote an article about my Brammo Enertia and had some critics chide my review of the bike as not being by a “real rider.”  In the comments to that post, another resident of my city spoke up and offered to come out and do an independent review.  We did some emailing and made it happen: “A “real” rider takes my Brammo for a spin”

His take – it’s a real motorcycle.  (Not that I needed any confirmation of the obvious).

This morning, another ride occurred as the result of a friendship that began in the comments on HellForLeather.  Mark rides a Kawasaki Ninja 500R and is on an epic voyage from his home in Boston, Massachusetts, to a new home in San Francisco where he will be attending law school.  We ended up as Facebook friends somehow and he posted his plans for this journey on his wall.  His route took him through Kansas City so I offered a place to stay along his way, and he accepted.

He showed up last night – I have to mention here that the Midwest is slogging through one of the longest and most intense heatwaves in history.  He endured riding through Illinois and Missouri during this heat wave, encountering temperatures over 106 degrees.  We joked that the choice of visor up (staring directly into a hot air dryer) or visor down (slowly cooking inside an oven) presents an interesting dilemma.  He hit the showers upon his arrival and then we headed to Latin Bistro for beers and amazing food by Chef Tito.

This morning we slammed down some coffee and headed to the Brammo Midwest Proving Grounds.

Brammo Midwest Proving Grounds - No Corkscrew Here - We use screw top bottles only.

The BMPG is the housing development that never was.  It is now used as a training center for young drivers, a dog walk track, a hang out for teens who think they can’t be seen from the highway, and the prime location for practicing sweet jumps on my bike.

Mark followed me there and we swapped bikes.  After a short introduction and safety lecture (“Do not twist the throttle to hear it rev” and “prepare yourself for zero engine braking”) he was off.  And, after an aborted stall because I let the clutch out too fast, so was I.  I had a blast on his Ninja, but really appreciated the more casual riding posture of my bike.

Here’s the video -(note that the engine you hear at the beginning of the video belongs to the Ninja).  His first words: “That was fun!”



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Angry Sam Loves, Hates other forums.

The Brammo Owners Forum has members from all over the world, but Angry Sam appears to be the most enthusiastic one.  Check him out in his forehead-vein-poppin’ video:

Thanks for your endorsement, Sam.  By the way, if we ever have to fight our way out of the pub, would you be on our side?


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A Brammo Fan Music Video

Every once in a while a product evokes enough emotion in its fans to produce a burst of creativity.   I take no credit for the following music video sent to me by a Brammo fan known as “Keepinitreal.”


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Brammo at the Lucky Brewgrille

Brammo at the Brewgrille

What is a motorcycle doing inside a bar?

This is my Brammo Enertia and last night it was causing a bit of a ruckus at the Lucky Brewgrille in Mission, Kansas, during the monthly meeting of the Heart of America Motorcycle Enthusiasts club (HOAME).

The man who introduced me at the meeting and who has ridden my Enertia said this about the bike:

“I can answer the most important questions. You don’t need to ask Harry.

Is it a ‘real’ motorcycle?  Yes.

More importantly, is it fun?  Yes.”

With that understated but poignant introduction, I began talking about one of my favorite subjects.

It started innocently enough, with me turning on the bike.

“It’s on.”  Noiseless. Odorless. The only indication of the mayhem yet to come was the row of blinking green lights at the top of the dash.

I did my usual schtick, telling the story of how I came to be the owner of this fine bike, and how it was able to easily handle my daily commute without having to recharge during my workday.

And then the questions began:

Q. What’s the range? – 40 miles.

Q. What’s the top speed? – 60+ mph (but I mentioned the 2011 models, of course, especially the Empulse with its 100mph top end)

Q. How much does it cost? $7995 (but I had to mention the various incentives available, depending on what state you lived in)

The questions came fast and steady, without anything I hadn’t heard before.

After the meeting, however, most of the guys stuck around and talked to me about the bike.  Finally, one guy asked:

“Can it do a burn out?”

I’d never been asked that question before.  Here’s the answer:

Yes, apparently it does.

No, that's not a watermark above the motor cover.

Even though I’d been a member of this club for a few months, they never seemed to know what to do with me.  After the hooning event, however, there was a bit of a transformation.  My status went from “suspicious outsider with alien technology” to “brother . . . from another mother.”  At least, that’s what it felt like.  Several guys helped me load the bike back up on my hitch carrier (The Brammo Range Extender 1000) and plans were made for test rides in warmer weather.

“Listen to that,” one of them said as I rode down the alley to get the bike into loading position.

“Listen to what?” said another.



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Brammo Stories on Video

I saw over on the Brammo Owners Forum that one of the members had posted the first in a series of “Brammo Stories” videos.  He’s also posted it on Vimeo, for those who might feel that they’re not cool enough to visit the forum.  (Hint: you don’t have to be an owner, just admit that you want to be one, someday).

Kelly Olsen, the filmmaker, has also been involved in the making of the new series of Public Service Announcements with Plug-In America, which, by the way, are a hoot.

The first victim of Kelly’s camera is Jeff, who has owned over forty motorcycles, all of which have been gasoline powered. The Brammo Enertia is his first electric motorcycle:


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Bridge crossed, other side reached.

One Brammofan, one lane, one new bridge.

First electric motorcycle across the Christopher Bond Bridge in Kansas City?

Brammo Enertia, natch.


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Brammo Bull in China – Shop!

My Mandarin is a bit rusty these days so I’m not sure what the announcer is saying in this video about Brammo.  Perhaps one of my visitors who is a bit more fluent can provide a translation.  I do have to say, my first thoughts were:

1. Wow… they already have Enertias in China, and

2. This part of China looks amazingly similar to Ashland, Oregon, home of Brammo.

I eventually figured it out, and you will too.  Lots of footage of Enertias, and some Isle of Man 2009 TTXGP racing footage about mid-way into this video.


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