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Big Brammo Week

Time for a wrap-up of this week’s Brammo-centric news:

1.  Brammo Ladies (Brammo-ettes, Brammo Babes, Brammo Girls — call them what you wish) make the RoadRacerX Magazine Umbrella Girls of the Week feature.

Additionally, they dominate the slideshow, which usually contains six photos of six different ladies.  Congratulations to Ryan, Kelly, Jessica and Ilanna!

Kelly hams it up on the Brammo Empulse

2. Brammo quietly releases some great photos on their new photo site:

Most of the photos are freely downloadable in hi-res versions and some can even be purchased as the featured photo on your coffee mug, luggage tag, apron (I know what MsBrammofan’s getting for our 11th anniversary – a Brammo Ladies apron!) , and my current favorite: playing cards.  I must get this set of playing cards.  Now:

Yes, that's my Enertia, taken the week before it was delivered to me.

3. Shooting finished on the set of “The Dilemma.” TTR Racebike and Enertia headed back to Ashland. (news, via the Brammo Powercycle Facebook Page).

Brammo TTR seems unfazed by its glamorous Hollywood life.

4.  Brammo Empulse video hits, exceeds, 300,000 views.  Watch it again and get your pre-order in.

5. Brammo announces that it will give an Empulse to one of the first 1000 pre-orders of the bike.

Crazy Craig's at it again.

6.  Bike swap.

And, finally, I swapped bikes today with Mark Gardiner, author of “Riding Man,” and writer for, among others, RoadRacerX Magazine, where he writes the weekly feature “Backmarker.” He is riding my beloved Enertia (see above), and I am riding his LOUD, rusty, planet-killing, but loveable Triumph Bonneville, pictured below.  We’ll have to see how this one shakes out.

Mark's Bonnie



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Brammo News on its way?

I’ve been pretty busy lately, riding my Brammo Enertia to and from work, to the grocery store, to the library. “Honey, need me to go get/drop off/something?  Want some ‘me time’ with yourself?”  Basically, using any excuse possible to ride it anywhere I can.

But I’m not too busy riding to get a message from Brammo that something big is coming up — probably an announcement about a new model  . . . or models.

The above tweet, posted earlier today, suggests that something worthy of capturing on video is on its way.  That, in and of itself, isn’t enough to get me off my bike and inside, but some other news in read in conjunction with this tweet seems noteworthy.

Yesterday, snagged an interview with the elusive Brian Wismann, Director of Product Development at Brammo.  In the interview, the following interchange occured:

AAB: Any plans for a sport-oriented competition-only machine?
BW: If that is what customers ask for then it would be foolish of us to ignore that.

and this:

AAB: Any chance we could see a dirt-specific, enduro or dual-purpose Brammo motorcycles?
BW: Quantya and KTM have more ambitions in this area than we do. But, if customers ask for it…

These statements, read with the knowledge that Brammo has already built two “sport-oriented competition-only” machines, namely, the two Brammo TTRs which it raced in last year’s TTXGP on the Isle of Man (one of which placed third) …

and earlier news that it had a scooter-sized bike in the works , lead to an obvious conclusion: one or more announcements are in the works.

Just in case any doubt remained, Wismann blew that out of the water with this:

AAB: So, what do you have in the development stages for us in the future (2011 and beyond)?
BW: A motorcycle company (or car company for that matter) cannot only sell one product and hope to be successful. You will see new products and continued innovation from Brammo in the future. We’re excited and you should be too! As always, Brammo customers will be the first to hear “the scoop” on new developments.

I guess his point is, if you want to hear “the scoop,” you need to be a customer.  Sounds reasonable to me.

Of course, I could be way off the mark here.  Perhaps they’ve developed a new power technology fueled by mud and dandelions that is 100 times more energy dense than their current battery system.  Perhaps they will announce another $4,000 price drop for the Enertia, or maybe they’ll state that the bike is appearing in yet another movie (my daughter is begging for it to show up in the new Twilight movie, displacing the omnipresent Volvo).

But my money is on the new product announcement.


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Brammo goes SoCal

Brian Wismann, Director of Product Development at Brammo, just posted some pictures from a trip he and Lead Engineer Aaron Bland took to Southern California over the last couple of weeks.

Just got back from a fun road trip to SoCal with Lead Engineer, Aaron Bland. Had some great meetings + brought our Enertias with us for some riding around Santa Monica and Palos Verdes. Man… I thought Ashland was the perfect spot for an Enertia, but boy was I wrong!

Here are the bikes parked in front of the Rose Cafe in Venice beach…

Stealing a charge from Trump’s golf course on the penninsula… They didn’t get a round of golf out of us, but they did charge us a pretty penny for breakfast! I think we’re even…

You never know where you’ll find a “charging station”… it certainly never hurts to ask! The bikes were all back up to near 100% SOC by the time we finished up breakfast.

And then there’s this picture, which Wismann tweeted last Friday.   

That’s Aaron Bland on the Bramm TTR, which raced in last year’s TTXGP race on the Isle of Man.  I wonder why they took it along on their trip?


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Jackie Chan on his Brammo Enertia

Jackie Chan...serious about selling Brammo Enertias

And here’s his message:


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Brammofan and Skadamo on EVCast Tomorrow

The number of personalities in the virtual studio of EVCast tomorrow at noon (Central time) is going to be vast. The host, Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield is also known as @aminorjourney on Twitter.

My co-guest is John Adamo, also known as @skadamo on Twitter.  He also can be found at, his blog on the subject of electric motorcycles and bicycles; at; and at about 20 other forums he’s created. Additionally, he is a frequent contributor to Asphalt&Rubber, usually on the subject of electric motorcycles.

Me, I’m Harry Mallin, also known as @Brammofan on Twitter, and I tend to focus on all things Brammo on this blog.  I am also @eMotoRules on Twitter and have a blog that can be found at that focuses on my other role as the moderator on the TTXGP Technical Rules Wiki.

That’s a lot of identities in the (virtual) room at once.

I am still waiting on Nikki to send the show notes, but hope to talk about Brammo, TTXGP, electric motorcycles in general, crowdsourcing, and Chelsea Sexton.

Tune in live at or grab the podcast.  Attendance for brammofans is MANDATORY.


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Brammofan, Unmasked. Hideous Truth Revealed.

If you’ve been following some of the news on Asphalt&Rubber or MotorcycleNews or the blog postings at TTXGP and elsewhere, then you know that Brammofan is branching out.  I’ll be moderating the Rules wiki at  As part of that announcement, my secret identity has been revealed.  Imagine the disappointment of the millions thousands hundreds dozens of Brammofan fans to discover that I am not the superhero they imagined me to be.  Worse than that, I’m a lawyer.  And, if that weren’t enough, I’m a government lawyer.  Please please please don’t tell my mother… she thinks I’m a plumber.  Don’t crush her dreams.

I am looking forward to this project and hope that you will consider participating in the discussion on the wiki.  We’re soliciting ideas, amendments, and guidance from anyone who has an opinion about what the Technical Rules should look like for an electric motorcycle racing series.  As one twitter user opined, “Using a wiki for rules formation is either ballsy and massively innovative or insane. I can’t decide which.”

Some have questioned my independence in this venture, given that I am Brammofan, an enthusiast of a particular brand of electric motorcycles.  It is certainly within the realm of possibility that Brammo will announce their entry into the TTXGP racing series.

Does my adoration for the Brammo Enertia present an appearance of impropriety? Perhaps, but I pledge to remain independent, fair, and transparent in the moderation of the rules.  Additionally, the structure of the wiki system itself will act as a check on any bias I may have. The users on the system will see to that, no doubt.  And yes, I plan to continue posting to this blog.  It’s one of the few creative outlets I have, besides my tantric knitting, of course.

Finally, you have learned that I’m a lawyer and that my name is Harry Mallin.  You’re probably wondering what I look like.  Here’s a recent picture of me:

Harry "Brammofan" Mallin

Okay, that’s not really me.

I do, however, want to introduce you to another user name that I will be using (in addition to my real name) on the wiki and on Twitter: eMotoRules.  I invite you to follow me on Twitter and to participate on the wiki.

It’s looking like 2010 is going to be a busy year.


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Brammo seeks collective nouns

From earlier today:


Brammo CEO, Craig Bramscher is thinking ahead (not an unusual mode for him) about a day when it’s commonplace to see three or more Enertia Powercycle riders terrorizing post-apocalyptic communities enjoying a ride together on a beautiful day.  Oh, sure they already have motorcycle clubs and biker gangs.  My impression is that what Bramscher is looking for is more of something like a collective noun.

Wow… the majority of my millions dozens of readers just responded with the sound of a glazing-over of eyes.  Come on, “collective nouns” are the nouns that describe collections of things:

A pride of lions.

A gaggle of geese.

A herd of WalMart shoppers.


Sorry.  Sometimes I can’t help myself when it comes to inserting early 1980s references.

The need for such a collective noun for Enertia powercycles has already occurred when a group of Brammo folks took several bikes up to the Pearl district in Portland, Oregon.  Brian Wismann (@brammodesigner) tweeted “We’re on a charge up to Portland.”  I thought that “a charge of Enertias” would be a good term, although I also like, “a surge of powercycles.”

Other answers tweeted in response to Bramscher’s request:

“An Environment of riders”




And one clever tweeter answered the question more literally.  What do you call three or more riders of Enertias?  A) Smart.

Any suggestions?  Add ’em in the comments.


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