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Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

With the release of the 3D video of Steve Atlas riding his little butt off at Thunderhill Raceway aboard the Brammo Empulse RR racebike growing imminent, I began to panic.

Having waited too long to order a pair of anaglyph (red and blue) 3D glasses from a reputable mail order dealer, my calls to potential sellers proved fruitless.

Instead of continuing my futile search for these elusive specs in flyover land, I decided to take matters into my own hands and I go0gled “DIY 3-D Glasses.”

Triumph!  “How to make 3-D Glasses” had been addressed, already, by Wired magazine.  Unfortunately, it called for the purchase of “red and blue acetate “from your local craft store.”  Because my local craft store makes WalMart look classy, I try to avoid it.  Instead, I found, further down  on the same page, instructions for using a CD case and red and blue markers to achieve the same end.  Although I didn’t have a CD case handy (really), I found the next best thing: clear acetate.  And yes, red and blue markers:

MacGyver those glasses!

A few minutes later with the markers and some scissors:

Et, voilá!

Now, it’s just a matter of waiting on Brammo.  Should be on line any minute, right?




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Get your 3D glasses ready – Brammo Racing video coming this week

That’s not a sissy-bar behind Steve Atlas on the Brammo Empulse RR racing motorcycle, seen here testing at Thunderhill Raceway last week.  That is a GoPro rig behind him:

Two Gro Pro Cameras some fancy software and a superlight carbon fiber tripod. The footage will go up early next week…

According to Brian Wismann, Director of Product Development:

This footage turned out so cool… We’re just editing the clips together, so you’ve got some time to find a pair of red/blue Anaglyph glasses prior to the release.  It’s a great camera angle on Steve, you really get the feeling you’re “riding along” with him on the bike.

Anyone know where to pick up those glasses?  I asked around at my local Wal-Mart and got the usual blank stares.  Let me know in the comments, and no extra credit for links to Google searches.  I want to be able to buy these off the shelf, not wait on the U.S.P.S to send them through the mangler on the way to my mailbox.


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Brammo RR testing at Thunderhill – Videos

Wismann drags a knee. (Photo by Charles Lee

Jensen Beeler of Asphalt &  Rubber crashed the Brammo party at Thunderhill Raceway yesterday, and got some great shots (which you can see over on A&R)  while he was at it. Make sure to drop by and check out the great pics he was able to catch.

He shared two videos from the event… number 1 and 5 from the collection, below.  Check ’em all out:


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Quiet Whirring Sound at Thunderhill

Just received this picture of Brammo’s Brian Wismann at Thunderhill Raceway Park near Willows, California*:

Wismann whirring.

That appears to be some sort of data logger installed just behind him.  Wouldn’t mind seeing some output from that little package, in addition to the camera that is mounted on the bike just below his chin.

More pictures from Thunderhill here.

Another question arises — what are they preparing for?  Guesses in the comments, as always.

*Thunderhill Raceway is about 3.5 hours drive south of Ashland, Oregon, headquarters of Brammo.


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