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Pictures from AMA Article

I just came across the following pictures from a photoshoot the Brammo Boys did for the magazine that gets delivered to members of the American Motorcycle Association. ┬áBrammofan is not a member of that venerable organization, so I will have to wait until it posts the article on its website before I’ll get to read it. ┬áBut we can all enjoy the pictures right now, as I don’t discriminate between members and non-members of the Brammofan Secret Society:

Brammo Lead Designer Brian Wismann, after borrowing Adrian Stewart's bike (with permission, we hope).

Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher, while Brian Wismann silently approaches from behind.

Lead Engineer Aaron Bland, showing off the Enertia frame.

Lead Assembly Technician, Richie Tatum builds an Enertia that comes with the optional Oregon license plate (?)



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