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Thanks to Brammo and Brammo Fans


It’s been a very Happy Enertia Day in Kansas City.

If you’ve been following this post, then you know that my Brammo Enertia has arrived.  Ride reports, videos, and pictures will follow, but first I want to emphasize that amazing days like this don’t happen by accident.  I wouldn’t be able to caption that photo the way I did without some hard working people, some luck, some friends, and some major patience by my family.

My biggest thank you goes to the people who made this possible: all the folks at Brammo in Ashland, Oregon.  Craig Bramscher, Brian Wismann, Adrian Stewart, Aaron Bland, Bruce Gilpin, Ron Hom, Dave Lawson, Laura Frantz and a bunch of others I’m too addle-brained to recall right now.  You have built a fantastic machine, a well-executed dream on wheels, and THANK GOODNESS for the fact that it doesn’t have an unlimited range, or I might never see Ms.Brammofan and the Brammokidz again.

There’s a host of others who have helped me reach this point, and I’m not going to be able to remember all of them, either, but if you follow me on twitter (and curses to you if you don’t), then you know the great folks on there among the “Brammofan mutual admiration society.”  Top thanks to John Adamo, a/k/a @skadamo a/k/a who helped me figure out that my dear wife was wrong, and that Twitter was not a “complete waste of time” (this would be one of the only times Ms.Brammofan was even marginally wrong, by the way.)  Without him, I might have given up long ago, and certainly, there would be no Brammo Owners Forum.

And yes, humongous thanks to Ms.Brammofan and my kids, who have had to endure my obsession for many months and who I’ve probably ignored a few times while searching for more Brammo photos or reTweeting the latest news.  It’s not easy to be the Brammo Evangelist of the Year, but it’s really a challenge to be related to him.  They were more patient with me than I deserved, and more loving than I could wish for.  This Enertia’s for you, family!… except no, you may not ride it or touch it.



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Brammo Race Bike and Enertia to appear in “Cheaters”

The scoop from Brian Wismann of Brammo:

Race bike #11 and a stock Enertia will both be in the Vince Vaughn comedy “Cheaters”.

Director Ron Howard is compiling a massive cast for his upcoming comedy “Cheaters,” starring Vince Vaughn….  Channing Tatum and Queen Latifah are the latest stars to climb aboard the infidelity comedy, which also stars Kevin James, Winona Ryder and Jennifer Connelly.

The plot revolves around Vaughn’s character struggling with whether or not to let his best friend know that his wife is cheating on him.

Filming starts in Chicago next month……Lights, Camera, Brammo, ACTION !

Casting Call

Want to be in the Cheaters cast? Be in Chicago this Saturday wearing Chicago Blackhawks gear

(Via Brammo Owners Forum)

Brammo TTR #11

Hey skadamo… you’re in Chicagoland, aren’t you?


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Brammofan and Skadamo on EVCast Tomorrow

The number of personalities in the virtual studio of EVCast tomorrow at noon (Central time) is going to be vast. The host, Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield is also known as @aminorjourney on Twitter.

My co-guest is John Adamo, also known as @skadamo on Twitter.  He also can be found at, his blog on the subject of electric motorcycles and bicycles; at; and at about 20 other forums he’s created. Additionally, he is a frequent contributor to Asphalt&Rubber, usually on the subject of electric motorcycles.

Me, I’m Harry Mallin, also known as @Brammofan on Twitter, and I tend to focus on all things Brammo on this blog.  I am also @eMotoRules on Twitter and have a blog that can be found at that focuses on my other role as the moderator on the TTXGP Technical Rules Wiki.

That’s a lot of identities in the (virtual) room at once.

I am still waiting on Nikki to send the show notes, but hope to talk about Brammo, TTXGP, electric motorcycles in general, crowdsourcing, and Chelsea Sexton.

Tune in live at or grab the podcast.  Attendance for brammofans is MANDATORY.


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Electric Vehicles at Best Buy (Video) – Sadly, No Enertias

Just saw this on and it is a slick introduction to the decision-making behind Best Buy’s choice to get into the electric vehicle business.  The products featured on the video are the A2B bike (great write-up on them by @skadamo on, Baja Electric Scooter, Ezip Electric Scooter, a quick glance at a demo model of the Aptera 3-wheeler, and the Brammo TTR Race bike.  No shots of the Brammo Enertia in this video, which leads me to believe that it was produced before the last week in August 27-28, 2009, when the Enertia first appeared in two Portland, Oregon Best Buy stores.

High point: It features my favorite Empress of EV, Chelsea Sexton, aka @evchels. (See Update, below)

UPDATE: I had to update this post because the link to the video died.  It turns out that Best Buy took the first video down because, when Chelsea Sexton appeared, under her name, the name of her organization–The Lightning Rod Foundation–was misspelled as “Lighting.” Might be a little thing but hey – it means Best Buy pays attention to Chelsea.  I suggest you bring her along next time you have to return something.


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