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ShockingBarack SlideShow of Awesomeness Part DEUX

Some more pics, from the second week of the ShockingBarack voyage.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Enertias Get Inked

Courtesy of Brian Wismann (via @brammodesigner )




Looks like they have begun including the signatures people are submitting via the webpage at on the body side panels.  I don’t see “Brammofan” anywhere . . . yet.


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My name is Brammofan and I’m a GPS-aholic

Follow the blinking ball. . .

Follow the blinking ball. . .

Hi Brammofan.

I’ve been away from the GPS for two whole minutes.

[applause] Way to go!

Actually, while you were clapping, I checked it again.  Looks like ShockingBarack is on the move again… just left  the Westgate Shopping Center in Lorain, Ohio.  I think they might still be looking for handwarmers.

Pre-packaged hand warmers. 2nd greatest invention ever On our way to #toledo #shockingbarack #obama #brammo #cold

Pre-packaged hand warmers. 2nd greatest invention ever On our way to #toledo #shockingbarack #obama #brammo #cold

It all started this morning when I went to their website, it’s at, and I noticed that they had a blinking blue dot on their Google map.  It’s their location.  It moves. Oh… look, they just pulled off U.S. 6 — it’s called the Grand Army of the Republic Highway on that particular stretch — and hmmm, looks like they’re in the parking lot of “Community Health Partners West.”  Sounds like a hospital?  Hope nobody got hurt.

But I digress.

I know that GPS-aholism is serious and that these meetings are about more than the free coffee and donuts.  Hey, speaking of coffee and donuts, these guys had that very meal for breakfast yesterday at Tim Hortons.  Really.  Wismann has the picture to prove it:

Were awake. Having coffee at Tim Hortons. Canadas Dunkin. Eh?

"We're awake. Having coffee at Tim Horton's. Canada's Dunkin. Eh?"

Yeah . . . so I get the impression I need to do some hard work to break my addiction.  Ummm.  Hmmm.  Speaking of breaking things, they’re still at the Health Clinic in Lorain, Ohio.  You don’t suppose that Schiff had some sort of unfortunate accident?  He’s a bit wreckless . . . got busted in Adrian, Michigan for running a stop sign, you know.

Anywhoooo. . . I better go.  My phone can only keep up with so much, guess I need an iPhone.  I’m pretty sure that is how we’re tracking them, by the way.  See you tomorrow.


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ShockingBarack SlideShow of Awesomeness

Pics from the ride so far, collected from @shockingbarack , @brammodesigner , and the Adrian Daily Telegram.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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You can click through to the Picasa Web Folder that contains all the pictures.


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Meet ShockingBarack Rider #2: Dave Schiff

In a Brammofan first, I invited Zach Myrow, who was one of the summer interns at Crispin Porter + Bogusky whose services were auctioned on Ebay to the highest bidder (a small business in Ashland, Oregon, that manufactured an electric motorcycle called the Enertia) to fill us in on the details about ShockingBarack Rider #2, Dave Schiff.  Here’s his article:


Time for a lightning-bolt tattoo: Tattoo-clad Dave Schiff saddles up as ShockingBarack’s second rider.

brammo_photo1aDave Schiff, a Creative Director at Crispin Porter + Bogusky will be riding alongside Brian Wismann, the Lead Designer at Brammo as they travel from Detroit, to D.C. to shock Barack with the all-electric Brammo Enertia.

The two will be stopping along the route to recharge at the homes and businesses of Brammo supporters all over the northeast.

The grassroots effort is an attempt to show President Obama that powercycles are the future of American transport, and to gain his support.

If there is one man with thighs strong enough to endure the 520-mile journey to the capitol, it’s Schiff. Schiff has spent much of his life on two wheels, but this is the first time the wheels are plug-powered.


Schiff is no stranger to motorcycles and bikes. He’s an avid mountain biker, and dirt biker.

Screen shot 2009-10-13 at 11.29.10 PM

The two-wheeled world isn’t just a hobby, it’s part of his career-life too.

I was answering telephones at Schwinn Bicycle Company. I was bored, and I started writing an underground newsletter that made fun of all the executives who worked there. I put it on everyone’s chair before they arrived in the morning, and I was pretty sure they would fire me when they found out. As it turned out, it became popular and the CEO’s wife was a huge fan. So they moved me into the marketing department and made me an in-house writer.”

When he applied for a copywriting position at CP+B in Miami, his resume included the marketing position at Schwinn, some spanking-good wit, and a desire to write. His charisma and character helped get him the job, and while most companies would have turned his tattoo-covered body away, CP+B embraced it.

Fast-forward 5 years, and he’s an award-winning copywriter and the Creative Director on Coke Zero. He’s responsible for a variety of campaigns including the Coke-Coke Zero Taste Infringement Lawsuit.

Still up to shenanigans, he doesn’t write an underground newsletter (that they know of) but he is the host of the Mr. Internet Show. The show isn’t really about advertising… it’s more about the strange and often popular things on the Internet, like celebrity draft picks, microwave mania, and reflecto porn.

When he’s not navigating through the interwebs, he’s directing creativity–no small task.

Although Schiff has just started this road trip, his journey with Brammo began in May. He helped direct the ’09 CP+B summer intern class after they were auctioned off on eBay, and bought by Brammo.

Over the 3-month period, Schiff helped them cultivate ideas on everything from product design to mock motorcycle gangs.

n679211896_981While the tattoo-toting Schiff might have been a perfect fit for CP+B, one has to think his encounter with the Secret Service might not be so smooth.

Maybe roseneck should let Brian Wismann make that first impression.

You can follow the two on their journey to the capitol, and maybe witness the first-ever lightning-bolt tattoo in the  name of Brammo.

Zach Myrow is currently a senior at Rochester Institute of Technology, majoring in Advertising and Public Relations.  Follow him on twitter at @zachmyrow


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Chevy’s Hurt Feelings Lead to Copycat Voyage

I’ve been documenting the heroic odyssey of as the two riders make their way from Detroit, Michigan, to Washington, D.C.  In their words:

Our plan is to retrace the route of the automotive CEOs who went to Washington DC asking for government loans.

Apparently, someone at Chevy must have been eavesdropping because I just saw this on the Chevy Volt site:

On Tuesday morning, eight Chevy Volt integration vehicles left the Milford Proving grounds compound in Michigan on a historic extended test drive into Philadelphia.

Sounds eerily similar, no?

Don’t you worry, @ShockingBarack, according to the post, the cars were “driven for more than 9  hours and 300 miles continuously in a special effort to analyze their behavior, performance, and comfort on such a long drive in real word conditions.”

No need to keep your eyes on your mirrors for the looming Volt convoy, they’ve already arrived at their destination.



Look carefully at the picture.  Six Volts.  One Suburban(?).  And one semi-trailer loaded with fuel for these vehicles which, although they have electric motors and sizable batteries, are still 100% reliant on gasoline.  I’ll be interested in seeing the reports about their real world gas mileage.  If it was a 300 mile trip, then, according to their 230mpg claim, they probably used a few sips over a gallon of gas for each car.



You can follow the Chevy Volt convoy story and be done in a day, or you can follow the ShockingBarack saga, and be riveted to your computer for . . . a week?  Plus, I guarantee you that none of the Volt drivers were wearing anything as blindingly awesome as this:

Dave Schiff's Bass Boat Sparkle Helmet (via @brammodesigner)

Dave Schiff's Bass Boat Sparkle Helmet (via @brammodesigner)


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Motormen made it to Motor City

Looks like Brian and Dave have made it to Detroit:

Definitely in Detroit (via @brammodesigner)

Definitely in Detroit (via @brammodesigner)

Now that they’re on the ground, prepare for a flood of tweets . . . Here’s your official twitter list of “Who’s Who to Follow in the Voyage”:

The Team:

@ShockingBarack – The Voice of the Travelers

The Riders:

@BrammoDesigner – Brammo Lead Designer Brian Wismann,

@MrInternetShow – Dave Schiff, Creative Director at Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B)

The Big Shot:

@BrammoCraig – Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher

Other Big Shot:

@Bogusky – Alex Bogusky The B in CP+B

And don’t forget me, the obsessive chronicler of all things Brammish:



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