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Brammo Escorts Zero Race through Rogue Valley

Louis Palmer of Zero Race gestures toward the Brammo Enertia

Zero Race, an around-the-world-in-80-days endeavor, traveled through Brammo’s home town of Ashland, Oregon, on Sunday, November 14.  The race describes itself as:

This is not a race about speed. This is a race to make the planet greener and a better place to live for future generations. This is a race to make small, efficient vehicles popular. The team with the smartest, most efficient, most reliable, most usable and most popular concept will be the winner.

Wayne Buck, a Project Engineer at Brammo, wrote about Zero Race’s trek through the Rogue Valley:

What a cool weekend!  Brammo’s Enertia had the privilege of providing escort to the “ZERO EMISSIONS RACE” on days 48 and 49 of their attempt the go around the world in 80 days.

We participated in the welcome event at the sports park on Highway 99 Sunday evening.  It was attended by enthusiasts, media, Medford City officials and numerous organizations including the Rogue Valley Clean Cities Coalition.

Monday morning I escorted the Australian 3 wheeled entry from its charging location in Phoenix to the Ashland Plaza where Ashland’s Mayor, supporters and a fourth grade class of students gave the racers a warm welcome. Although the rigors of the journey where weighing heavy on the team they were very gracious to everyone and very generous with their smiles.

Each team is awarded points for various competitions that take place at each stop on their route. Sunday evening, they turned their vehicles off and had a race, pushing them to determine which was lighter. Monday morning the grade school kids were asked to stand by the one they thought looked the best.

The Australian team was the first team ready to leave Ashland so I escorted them to I-5 and wished them happy trails.

You can find more information on the race at , can give them a “like” on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.  Or, if you live in Sacramento, California, they just happen to be there today, according to their “Where are they now?” page.



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Oregon Tax Credit on Brammo Enertia: $1069

We’ve looked at ColoradoCalifornia,  Oklahoma, and Illinois.  Now comes word from user “thespecialone” on the Brammo Owners Forum that he filed his application for a state tax credit in Oregon, and, two weeks later, received notice from the state that he would be getting his $1069 Enertia Tax Credit.  Coupled with the Federal tax credit for 10% of the Brammo’s retail price of $7995, the numbers look like this:

7995 – 799 – 1069 = $6127.

More information on filing the Oregon tax credit can be found here.

In the current tally of SIWIBABE (States in which I’d buy a Brammo Enertia) here’s the rundown:

Oklahoma: $4059

Colorado: $4225

Illinois: $4240

California: $5834

Oregon: $6127.


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China Says “NO!” to U.S. Electric Vehicle Charging Efforts

Okay, so the headline is a bit of a stretch.  On one level, this is a story about a humble restaurateur declining a request by the ShockingBarack tour to recharge their batteries.  As reported on their site:

shockAccess to electricity is not a foregone conclusion. Running on sparks (the  electric equivalent of fumes), we pulled into a Chinese restaurant in Fremont, Ohio, but when we asked if we could plug in, we received an unceremonious “No!” from ownership. And you know what; there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. We know we aren’t entitled to anyone’s  electricity. We’re grateful when we get it, and we’re not embittered when we don’t.

But as a particularly astute commenter noted:

Thanks for pointing out the lesson in this. Now would not be too early to start talking seriously about standardization of the recharge connectors for vehicles and public recharge stations.

The charging infrastructure needs to be there before we see EVs becoming commonplace.  Oregon, the home state of Brammo, will soon see the benefit of a deal between Electric Transportation Engineering Corp. and the Department of Energy.  From this article:

The Phoenix company, a subsidiary of Scottsdale, Ariz.-based ECOtality Inc., is rolling out more than 11,000 charging stations in five states — Oregon, Arizona, Tennessee, Washington and California — using $99.8 million in federal funds.

The project is in partnership with Nissan North America, which will deploy 4,700 of its all-electric Leaf vehicles which are scheduled for release in fall 2010.

As part of the project, Oregon expects to receive just under 1,000 of the Nissan vehicles and around 2,000 charging stations, centered around Portland, Eugene, Salem and Corvallis.

California just opened a new long distance charging corridor between Los Angeles and San Francisco:

The corridor, a joint project of the SolarCity firm, which is based in California, Tesla Motors and the United States branch of Holland’s Rabobank, includes four ClipperCreek 240-volt stations at the bank’s branches in Salinas, Atascadero, Santa Maria (the one with a 30-kilowatt solar installation) and Goleta. A fifth station, installed by SolarCity, is in a public parking garage in San Luis Obispo. Spaced 70 to 100 miles apart along Highway 101, the Rabobank stations would theoretically allow a Tesla Roadster (with more than 220 miles of range) to drive the 382 miles between San Francisco and Los Angeles with only one charging stop. Plugging in is free to E.V. owners.

(See California E.V. Corridor Is Open for Business The New York Times By Jim Motavalli )

Unfortunately, those particular charging stations are 220 volt outlets designed for compatibility with the Tesla EV.  Given that the Brammo Enertia will go on sale next week at four Best Buy stores in Los Angeles and San Francisco, it’s a shame that the charging stations did not envision the need for the charging of EVs which require the more common 110 volt outlet.

What’s going on in your state?


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Caption Contest – Arnold and Ted

Posted last night on Twitter by @schwarzenegger but “re-tweeted” by Ashland, Oregon’s Hillary Lake (KOBI-TV):


That’s California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on the left, and Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski on the right.

Email your entries for the caption to brammofan at brammofan dot com, and if you’re the lucky winner (chosen by me, as I abhor crowdsourcing) you’ll get the acclaim and fame you richly deserve.  Plus, if I ever get a Google Wave invitation, you’ll be my first choice for the shared invitations that reportedly come with it. Extra points if your caption includes Brammo-related information. (As if that’s a surprise).

Oh, and feel free to photoshop, manipulate, etc., anything in the picture.


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