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Thirty Hours to Go

Thanks to the unparalleled customer service of Brammo (and the fact that it’s still under warranty) I only have about 30 hours until I can ride again.

My naked Enertia

I’m not sure if it is the result of something I did, or a defective gerbil in the works, but for whatever reason, the last time I turned on my bike it went, “Huh?” and refused to move.  I did what any motorcycle owner and former Nintendo gamer would do in such a situation: I took out the key, blew on it, blew into the keyhole, and tried again.  Nada.

The harsh morning light fell on her nakedness . . .

I looked up the fault code displayed on the dash in my owner’s manual.  “Contact Brammo Service.”  I sent an email to Brammo and an hour and a half later my Brammo Tech replied with a list of nine tasks.  The first three were pretty easy — basically turning the bike on in the usual way and looking for any additional fault codes.  Step # 4 was a bit more challenging, and this is how she put it:

This step depends on how comfortable you are with taking off the body panels.  If you feel comfortable and have your owner’s manual go to page 55 and follow the instructions.  If you don’t feel comfortable taking them off let me know and I will talk to Danny about coming to diagnose and fix your bike.

If I was the least bit reluctant to dive in, I am certain that she would have come right out and handled it.  But I have been on some other motorcycle forums and have been reading many stories about how folks have been getting their bikes ready for Spring by tuning up their carburetors, replacing spark plugs, flushing their coolant systems, and countless other tasks.  Given that my Spring preparation would have consisted of dripping some lube on the chain and checking the tire pressure, I was eager to get my hands greasy.

Lesson one of taking off the body panels and diving into the innards of the Brammo Enertia is that your hands will not get greasy unless you touch the chain.  About the only dirt I found inside the body panels was some road dust that had filtered in through the front grill  that hides the horn and appears to be the main source of air that cools the motor.  For the most part, the innards looked as clean as they looked in pictures taken during the manufacturing process.

My bike, before I knew her.

I removed the body panels with ease, thanks to the clear instructions from the Brammo Owner’s Manual, and began unplugging cords and checking fuses.

Unfortunately, I got all the way to step number nine and had not found the problem.  The Brammo Tech had ended step nine with these words:

If the fuses aren’t blown then  the issue is one of two parts which are not the easiest to replace and we will go from there.

Although I was willing to try to install the parts myself, Brammo decided to send the tech to handle this.  I strongly suspect that they did this following an assessment of my mechanical skills.  This assessment, according to my wife, was spot on.  “I think it’s great that they trusted you with the steps that required you to turn the key.  Once I saw you pick up the allen wrench to remove the body panels, all bets were off.”

My mechanical ineptitude, notwithstanding, I’m glad that Brammo let me try my hand at being a shade tree mechanic.  I’m even happier that they are sending out my favorite Tech, Jennifer, who has visited me a couple of other times.  Although I’m not expecting anything in particular other than getting my bike fixed, she has, in the past, arrived bearing gifts.

My helmet, adorned with a previous gift from BrammoJen

She’s scheduled to show up on Thursday night.  I am hopeful that my first ride of the month will take place that night. I’ll keep you updated, Brammo minions.

Yet another picture, risking my blog's "G" rating.



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Laguna Seca to Feature Empulse… and Brammofan

Now that the news is out about Brammo racing at the e-Power electric motorcycle race next week during the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix, Mazda Raceway (Laguna Seca), I get to spill my own little pot of beans:  I’ll be there.

Brammo will be doing a formal “handing over of the keys” to me at some point during the weekend.  In case you’re new around here, I won the title of “Brammo Evangelist of the Year” and received the prize – a 2010 Brammo Enertia. Although I’ve already taken delivery of the prize, Brammo wanted to do it up right.  The challenge, of course, is going to involve me handing the existing key over to them, so they can hand it back to me.  It’s all about trust. (note to self- leave extra key at home).

I’ll be at the Brammo Paddock/Tent/Headquarters along with the usual suspects: CEO Craig Bramscher, Product Development Director (and designer of the Enertia and the Empulse) Brian Wismann, Marketing guru Adrian Stewart, and the rest of the Brammo minions.  Aaron Gobert, Brammo’s rider and AMA speedster might be hanging out as well.  I hear that, along with the Empulse-based race bike, they will be bringing the Empulse prototype, the Shocking Barack bike, and maybe an Enertia or two for test rides.

Will Ali Afshar and the ESX Motorsports crew be there?  Likely.  Lady Gaga?  Not so likely.  Jay Leno? Possibly. Jackie Chan? I couldn’t say.

I may even be accompanied by Ms.Brammofan, but she’s been scouting out some shopping venues in nearby Carmel-by-the-Sea (sounds Hazardous-to-my Wallet), so no guarantees you’ll actually get to meet her. If you’re going to be there, be sure to drop by Brammo HQ.  If you say “Hi! I’m a Brammo Fan, too,” I’ll even waive the usual surcharge on having your picture taken with me.  Unless, of course, you’re a certain EV advocate who still owes me the surcharge plus interest and penalties from the last time I agree to have my picture taken with her:

For some reason, Ms.Brammofan is very interested in meeting Ms. Sexton.

Drop on by, see the Empulse, meet the Brammo Boys, and let’s watch some great racing together.


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The Mission is Go for liftoff

The Mission One

Congratulations to Mission Motors, manufacturer of the sexy electric sportbike, Mission One, for securing a hunk of money to begin building its assembly facility in California.  According to SEC filings, the San Francisco company with the “open door” policy has raised more than $3.35 million of a planned $4.68 million equity financing round, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission posted on Thursday, June 10, 2010.  More information on the financing round, here.

The momentum of loosening purse strings among investors is sure to increase as news of the spread of the acceptance of electric motorcycles as valid transportation options becomes commonplace.  If some random guy in Kansas City owns a Brammo, who’s to say he won’t be riding a Mission One on even-numbered days?  (Ms.Brammofan, that’s who).

Checking out the competition


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Thanks to Brammo and Brammo Fans


It’s been a very Happy Enertia Day in Kansas City.

If you’ve been following this post, then you know that my Brammo Enertia has arrived.  Ride reports, videos, and pictures will follow, but first I want to emphasize that amazing days like this don’t happen by accident.  I wouldn’t be able to caption that photo the way I did without some hard working people, some luck, some friends, and some major patience by my family.

My biggest thank you goes to the people who made this possible: all the folks at Brammo in Ashland, Oregon.  Craig Bramscher, Brian Wismann, Adrian Stewart, Aaron Bland, Bruce Gilpin, Ron Hom, Dave Lawson, Laura Frantz and a bunch of others I’m too addle-brained to recall right now.  You have built a fantastic machine, a well-executed dream on wheels, and THANK GOODNESS for the fact that it doesn’t have an unlimited range, or I might never see Ms.Brammofan and the Brammokidz again.

There’s a host of others who have helped me reach this point, and I’m not going to be able to remember all of them, either, but if you follow me on twitter (and curses to you if you don’t), then you know the great folks on there among the “Brammofan mutual admiration society.”  Top thanks to John Adamo, a/k/a @skadamo a/k/a who helped me figure out that my dear wife was wrong, and that Twitter was not a “complete waste of time” (this would be one of the only times Ms.Brammofan was even marginally wrong, by the way.)  Without him, I might have given up long ago, and certainly, there would be no Brammo Owners Forum.

And yes, humongous thanks to Ms.Brammofan and my kids, who have had to endure my obsession for many months and who I’ve probably ignored a few times while searching for more Brammo photos or reTweeting the latest news.  It’s not easy to be the Brammo Evangelist of the Year, but it’s really a challenge to be related to him.  They were more patient with me than I deserved, and more loving than I could wish for.  This Enertia’s for you, family!… except no, you may not ride it or touch it.


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