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Maryland Added to EV State Incentive List

Maryland just passed a law that could potentially save a Brammo Enertia buyer some bucks.  The amount of the incentive would equal 100 percent of the amount of the excise tax Maryland charges on vehicle purchases.  This excise tax is 6% of the cost of the vehicle, or, in the case of a purchase of a Brammo Enertia at $7995, that’s $480.  You would also get the $800 federal tax credit.

Should this be treated as equal to some of the other credits and rebates I’ve written about in my SIWIBABE* list?:

Oklahoma: $4059

Colorado: $4225

Illinois: $4240

Georgia: $5696

California: $5834

Oregon: $6127.

*States In Which I’d Buy a Brammo Enertia



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