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Mark Buckley – First racer to bring Brammo to a podium, dies

Mark Buckley. Taken at the Macau Grand Prix, November 2010

From Brammo’s Facebook page:

I am deeply saddened to report that our colleague and good friend Mark Buckley has been killed on the final day of the North West 200.
Mark, 35, was taking part in the third race of five on Saturday. Following the incident Mark was taken to hospital where he later died.
Brammo staff are devastated by this news. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Jayne and we extend our deepest sympathies to his family and friends.
Mark rode the #26 Brammo Enertia TTR to 3rd place in the inaugural Isle of Man TT Zero Emissions race in 2009.

Buckley was a great racer, and a decent human being.  Recently, I had been chatting with him on Twitter and he had offered to have the shirt, above, (which was a gift to me from JCAM, Brammo’s Hong Kong distributor), autographed by Roy Richardson, the rider of the #11 Brammo bike in the 2009 TTXGP on the Isle of Man.

Busted. He found me out – I’d been using a photo of him from the TTXGP as my emotorules twitter profile image for years.

His last tweet to me:

Mark, talking about the Brammo Enertia TTR.

And one of my favorite photos from that first electric motorcycle race on the IOM:

Riding past the fuel tanks that would not be necessary to propel him into 3rd place in the 2009 TTXGP.

And another.

Buckley, on the #26 Brammo bike, coming up from behind the #11 bike, ridden by Roy Richardson.

My thanks to you, Mr. Buckley, for the memories.  My thoughts and wishes to your wife and family.



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Brammofan’s BrammoBabe of the Year

So many Brammo Babes, so little time.

Disclaimer: If you knew my background, you’d know that I am all about treating women as men’s equals (although, for the life of me, I can’t understand why women would want to lower themselves to our level).  If any of my female readers or, heck, any of my readers regardless of gender want to suggest winners of this year’s “Brammofan Brammo Beefcake of the Year,” have at it.)

(UPDATED: December 15, 2010.  One of the nominees has requested that her likeness and name not be used in this competition.  I have complied.  If you happened to be one of the many people who voted for her, I’m sorry, but your votes just got flushed.  I edited the poll so that you may vote again.)

(UPDATE: Due to the FLOOD of requests following the write-in votes for Susanna Schick (aka @pinkyracr ), her photos have been added, below, and her name has been added to the poll, as well.  In her own words: “I’m the only one doing it for LOVE” )

The nominees, in order of appearance:

Laguna Seca, Brammo Empulse unveiling

From left: Jessica, Alana, Kelly, some ugly dude, and she-who-wishes-to-not-be-named.

Here’s my favorite pic from the event:

From left: Alana, Kelly, and Jessica

EICMA, Milan, Italy

From left: Vessy, Suzanna, Alessandra, and Alessia

Another picture:

From left: Alessia, Alessandra, Suzanna and Vessy

Macau Grand Prix and Hong Kong Bike Show:

From left: Jojo, Mark Buckley (not in the running for Brammo Babe of the Year), and Ceres.

And another:

From left: Ceres and Jojo.

And by special request:

Pinkyracr, back when we had no idea who the masked rider was...

And, for the evening gown portion of the show . . .

Pinkyracr, again, on an Orange Enertia this time...

I definitely have my favorite(s), but I figured that among my millions, thousands, hundreds, dozens of readers, there were likely a few who had favorites as well.  So I’ll throw it open to the minions for a vote:

Answers due . . . soon.

(Note: because of the addition of pinkyracr, I have additional, write-in votes that need to be added on to her final total.  Also, the write-in vote for “some ugly dude,” referencing the first picture from the Laguna event, will have to be discarded, as the Brammo Man of the Year contest has not been announced yet.)


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Brammo babes at Macau Grand Prix

Brammo Rider, Mark Buckley (center), with the two Brammo Babes from the Macau Grand Prix. (Holding a shirt that's on its way to me, btw).

Enjoy some of the photos of the Brammo spokesmodels trickling in from the JCAM crew at the Macau Grand Prix. Will update with more pictures as they arrive.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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Speculation: Brammo to Macau Grand Prix?

My Brammo-centric obsessive compulsive disorder is working overtime this morning.  I just saw this tweet from JCAMJames, who happens to work at JCAM (in Hong Kong, I think):

JCAM is the distributor of Segways and other electric vehicles in Singapore and Hong Kong, and is owned by Jackie Chan, who is in possession of some specially-modified Brammo Enertias he plans to abuse in an upcoming movie, Chinese Zodiac.

Of course, I started wondering about the significance of Macau and November, and a quick search revealed that November 18 – 21, 2010, is the weekend of the Macau Grand Prix. According to the official website:

The three headline races are the FIA Formula 3 Intercontinential Cup, the Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix – 44thEdition, and the FIA World Touring Car Championship – Guia Race of Macau, with five supporting races: The Macau GT Cup, Macau Road Sport Challenge, CTM Macau Touring Car Race, Hotel Fortuna MAC/HKG Interport Race, and Formula BMW Pacific.

No mention of any electric motorcycle race there (or on the TTXGP site or the FIM ePower site).  But the schedule of the event for Sunday, the 21st, states:

13:45 – 14:45     Special Event

“Special Event”?  Is it too OCD of me to notice that JCAMJAMES and the Macau GP folks used the same words?

If you answered “yes,” then you’ll love this:  On the Provisional Entry List of riders, is #66 – Mark Buckley. Buckley was the rider of the Brammo Enertia TTR Race Bike that finished third in the inaugural TTXGP on the Isle of Man in June 2009.  Maybe it’s just another coincidence.

Maybe not.


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Brammo goes SoCal

Brian Wismann, Director of Product Development at Brammo, just posted some pictures from a trip he and Lead Engineer Aaron Bland took to Southern California over the last couple of weeks.

Just got back from a fun road trip to SoCal with Lead Engineer, Aaron Bland. Had some great meetings + brought our Enertias with us for some riding around Santa Monica and Palos Verdes. Man… I thought Ashland was the perfect spot for an Enertia, but boy was I wrong!

Here are the bikes parked in front of the Rose Cafe in Venice beach…

Stealing a charge from Trump’s golf course on the penninsula… They didn’t get a round of golf out of us, but they did charge us a pretty penny for breakfast! I think we’re even…

You never know where you’ll find a “charging station”… it certainly never hurts to ask! The bikes were all back up to near 100% SOC by the time we finished up breakfast.

And then there’s this picture, which Wismann tweeted last Friday.   

That’s Aaron Bland on the Bramm TTR, which raced in last year’s TTXGP race on the Isle of Man.  I wonder why they took it along on their trip?


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Brammo Highlights from the 2009 TTXGP

It’s been covered too well by better writers than I (see here and here), but I have to say that it is indeed a sad testament to the truth of the maxim of “no good deed goes unpunished” that the TTXGP will not be happening at the Isle of Man this year.  That said, let me rub salt in the wound by passing along a video shared by Brian Wismann, the lead designer of the Brammo Enertia and the Brammo TTR race bike.  It is footage (courtesy of TTXGP) of the Brammo bikes at last year’s event.  Those were heady days and there was a shared sense of witnessing history among those of us who were fortunate enough to know where to look to find the latest race results.  If we had been able to see footage like this, we would have been overwhelmed, no doubt.

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Brammo on the cover of Rider’s Digest

The Rider’s Digest is a UK magazine that covers all aspects of motorcycling.  February’s Issue (which came out on January 21) has the third report on the 2009 TT week on the Isle of Man, and it focuses on the TTXGP race.

It has a particularly attractive cover, as you can see:

Brammo TTR

That would be Mark Buckley on #26, which placed third in the race.

More information on the website: This issue has 9 pages on the race, including more pics of the Brammo bikes, like this one:

Anyone ever seen this magazine in the United States?


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