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Laguna Seca to Feature Empulse… and Brammofan

Now that the news is out about Brammo racing at the e-Power electric motorcycle race next week during the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix, Mazda Raceway (Laguna Seca), I get to spill my own little pot of beans:  I’ll be there.

Brammo will be doing a formal “handing over of the keys” to me at some point during the weekend.  In case you’re new around here, I won the title of “Brammo Evangelist of the Year” and received the prize – a 2010 Brammo Enertia. Although I’ve already taken delivery of the prize, Brammo wanted to do it up right.  The challenge, of course, is going to involve me handing the existing key over to them, so they can hand it back to me.  It’s all about trust. (note to self- leave extra key at home).

I’ll be at the Brammo Paddock/Tent/Headquarters along with the usual suspects: CEO Craig Bramscher, Product Development Director (and designer of the Enertia and the Empulse) Brian Wismann, Marketing guru Adrian Stewart, and the rest of the Brammo minions.  Aaron Gobert, Brammo’s rider and AMA speedster might be hanging out as well.  I hear that, along with the Empulse-based race bike, they will be bringing the Empulse prototype, the Shocking Barack bike, and maybe an Enertia or two for test rides.

Will Ali Afshar and the ESX Motorsports crew be there?  Likely.  Lady Gaga?  Not so likely.  Jay Leno? Possibly. Jackie Chan? I couldn’t say.

I may even be accompanied by Ms.Brammofan, but she’s been scouting out some shopping venues in nearby Carmel-by-the-Sea (sounds Hazardous-to-my Wallet), so no guarantees you’ll actually get to meet her. If you’re going to be there, be sure to drop by Brammo HQ.  If you say “Hi! I’m a Brammo Fan, too,” I’ll even waive the usual surcharge on having your picture taken with me.  Unless, of course, you’re a certain EV advocate who still owes me the surcharge plus interest and penalties from the last time I agree to have my picture taken with her:

For some reason, Ms.Brammofan is very interested in meeting Ms. Sexton.

Drop on by, see the Empulse, meet the Brammo Boys, and let’s watch some great racing together.



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Slideshow of Brammo Enertias at Malibu’s Rock Store

This little video has it all:

Jay Leno; Ryan Starr – finalist from Season 1 of American Idol;  ESX Motorsports guys; and a rockin’ trance music soundtrack.  My newest competition for the Brammo Evangelist of the Year- 2011, Ali Afshar, took a trip with some friends up Mulholland Highway to the Rock Store, the go-to Motorcyclist hangout north of Malibu, California.

For a vertigo-inducing video documenting the trip to the hangout, take some Dramamine and watch this:


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Brammo Enertia’s Autoracing Heritage

Front 3Q Grey Streaks_s

Ariel Atom

Brian Wismann, Lead Designer at Brammo, has been answering questions about his new Enertia LE over on an EV motorcycle forum, (props to ElMoto for being one of the “Big Three” in the EV motorcycle forum world, along with Electric Motorcycle Forum and V is for Voltage).

As discussions of these sort often do, the subject has wandered a bit off point and Brian recently answered a question about the relationship of the Ariel Atom supercar to Brammo and the Enertia. Here it is:

Brammo re-engineered and manufactured the gas-powered Ariel Atom for the US market. We had a design license from Ariel UK for the vehicle for about 2 years. Brammo had a hard time getting the Honda K20A motor, so we integrated the GM Ecotec 2.0L Supercharged engine with Jay Leno pulling some strings and working with GM’s powertrain group. Jay picked up the first car off the production line of the 130 that Brammo built prior to transferring the license and equipment to TMI in Virginia, who now build the cars.

The Wrightspeed was a one-off prototype built independently of Ariel UK or Ariel US (read: Brammo) prior to our deal being done and never commercialized. Ian Wright was using the vehicle as a demonstrator of what kind of vehicle he could build…

Our own investigation into “electrifying” the Atom was what ultimately led to the development of the Enertia and the re-birth of the company as the mean, green machine you now know…  You’ll note that initial prototypes of the Enertia used ALOT of carbon fiber and CNC machined parts, because we had extensive in-house composite and metal forming capabilities for the Atom production. We decided that our experience in engineering efficient, light-weight vehicles was directly applicable to EVs and saw a chance to make difference in the industry. Perhaps a bit odd to think about, but the Enertia draws more of a heritage from race cars than do most road cars!


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Jay’s New Brammo Enertia LE

Urging all Brammo Fans out there to watch the latest video from Jay’s Garage.  Jay Leno chats with Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher (“the big cheese”) about his latest acquisition, a Brammo Enertia LE (#06).  He takes a ride as well, and really sings the bike’s praises.


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