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Brammofan Interview on EVCast

Bo Bennett and Ryan Levesque of called me a while ago to listen to me extoll the virtues of my new Brammo Enertia.  They just posted the interview.  Although the whole podcast is great, of course, if you want to skip to the 19 minute-long interview, it begins at about 53 minutes in.  Thanks, Bo and Ryan — I had a blast on your show and hope to talk with you again.

EVCast Episode #382


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Brammofan and Skadamo on EVCast Tomorrow

The number of personalities in the virtual studio of EVCast tomorrow at noon (Central time) is going to be vast. The host, Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield is also known as @aminorjourney on Twitter.

My co-guest is John Adamo, also known as @skadamo on Twitter.  He also can be found at, his blog on the subject of electric motorcycles and bicycles; at; and at about 20 other forums he’s created. Additionally, he is a frequent contributor to Asphalt&Rubber, usually on the subject of electric motorcycles.

Me, I’m Harry Mallin, also known as @Brammofan on Twitter, and I tend to focus on all things Brammo on this blog.  I am also @eMotoRules on Twitter and have a blog that can be found at that focuses on my other role as the moderator on the TTXGP Technical Rules Wiki.

That’s a lot of identities in the (virtual) room at once.

I am still waiting on Nikki to send the show notes, but hope to talk about Brammo, TTXGP, electric motorcycles in general, crowdsourcing, and Chelsea Sexton.

Tune in live at or grab the podcast.  Attendance for brammofans is MANDATORY.


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Brammo Enertia Wins Best Alt Fuel Motorcycle “Hands Down” just named its Top 5 Future Cars of 2009, and # 5 is not a car at all, but rather a very familiar looking motorcycle:

#5 – Alt-Fuel Motorcycle: The Brammo Enertia won this category almost hands-down. Not only is it available right now, but it’s being distributed through Best Buy throughout North America, making this motorcycle one of the most available alt-fuel bikes in the world. A year ago, no one knew who Brammo Motorworks was, now they’re becoming a household name and synonymous with “electric motorcycle” in the U.S.

The Oregon company has definitely come a long way in only a year and has a bright future ahead.

Congratulations, Brammo.  That makes TWO Major Awards in one week.  First, the WooWoo for “Best Shiny Thing” and now this.  What’s next?  An Oscar for Coolest Electric Motorcycle in a movie?  Of course, you’d have to be in a movie to get that award.  And you’d probably have to know a movie star or two.

In news related to stardom, I want to announce that Brammofan (a/k/a Harry Mallin a/k/a eMotoRules) will be appearing along with John Adamo (a/k/a skadamo a/k/a Plugbike) on this weekend’s EVCast with Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield (a/k/a aminorjourney) .  Maybe I’ll divulge a bit more about Enertia’s imminent rise to stardom during the podcast (11:00am on Saturday), if given half a chance.


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Nathan Abbott Video Appeal by Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield

Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, one of the hosts of the EVCast, has just released this video, requesting contributions from folks who want to help Nathan Abbott and his family.  Nathan’s story is pretty well documented here and more generally,  here.  Nikki’s video is short, to the point, and touching.  Here’s a link to the site where you can contribute to his personal cause.

Thanks, Nikki, for expanding this into the video realm, and let’s all keep hoping for Nathan’s recovery.

hajahhahahhhahahaNikki Gordon-BloomfieldNikki Gordon-Bloomfield


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