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Chance of Charge Change?

Over on the Brammo Owners Forum, user BrammoBrian (a/k/a Brian Wismann, director of product development at Brammo) answered some questions that have been vexing us about charging the Enertia Plus and the Empulse.

The Enertia Plus will be fit with an 850W on-board charger that will charge from a typical 120V/15A household outlet.  As you’ve mentioned, 12A is the maximum current draw to leave appropriate headroom on the line.  During the beginning of the charge cycle with the bike near full discharge, the charger will draw 12A for perhaps the first 5-10 minutes, then it tapers off to a fairly consistent 10A for the bulk of the charge.  From about 95% onwards, it enters constant voltage mode and the current will begin to drop off to less than 1A at 99% SOC.

At this point, it looks like the Enertia Plus and the Empulse will have a custom connector accessible that will allow them to be “fast charged” from a Brammo off-board charger.  The first fast charge stage will allow you to charge at 17A with the charger plugged into an 120V outlet upgraded to a 20A breaker.  The second stage will allow charging at 34A with the charger plugged into a 240V single phase household dryer outlet. This project is still in the works, so I may be revealing too much too soon, but I figure you guys (and gals) are here to get the inside scoop, so now you’ve got it…

(more of the discussion on the forum)

Suh-weet.  The ability to charge in half the time would make a big difference in my “recreational miles.”  Right now, if I take a decent ride on a day I’m playing hooky from work, I plug in as soon as I get home, have a bite to eat and then want to ride some more.  But at 10-12 amps of juice pumping into the battery, I need to cool my heels for a couple of hours.  Either I need to eat slower, or that bike needs to charge faster.  Sounds like I might have some options in the future.



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Colorado Fantasy for Enertia Owners

To read this post, you must have three things:

1. Colorado residency

2. A Brammo Enertia

3. Aspirations to own the new Brammo Enertia Plus.

If you don’t have those three things, then don’t read this or you’ll just feel awful about your life.  Seriously.  Stop now and go read something about unicorns and rainbows.

Okay, now that I’m talking to the select few folks who meet 1 – 3, above, how does this sound?:  You could get your new Brammo Enertia Plus for…

Hey!  You! Yoney… get the heck out of here.  You live in Florida or some other hellhole.  You, too, Adamo.  You’re facing six months of cold, hard Illinois winter.  This will send you over the edge of despair.

Okay, where was I?  Ah… yes.  Mr. Colorado-Enertia-Owner-Who-Wants-to-Own-an-Enertia-Plus.

You ready? How does $1605 sound?  Pretty sweet, eh?  Here’s how we get there:

$8995 – retail cost of Enertia Plus

-899 – Federal tax credit

-3991 – Colorado tax credit, you lucky dawgs

– 2500 – Brammo loyalty rebate.


1,605 – out-of-pocket.

Of course, you could, at that point in time, sell that aging Brammo Enertia (please use the Brammo Owner Forum’s Used Enertias for Sale board) for probably MUCH more than $1605 (hello, Legacy Value), and end up with a Brammo Enertia Plus in the garage, and a wallet (or purse) full of cash.


UPDATE: Or, insert the word “Oklahoma” wherever “Colorado” appears, above, and be out-of-pocket a paltry $1098!

Disclaimer – I’m not a tax expert. I’m not even mildly proficient.  My wife does our taxes. Don’t rely on my posts when you make buying decisions.  I might be an attorney but I’m not your attorney.  Most attorneys have no special knowledge about taxes and a majority of them do not practice proper oral hygiene.  I, definitely don’t have special knowledge about taxes.  I became an attorney because I couldn’t stand the sight of blood and numbers were confusing to me.  Do your own research.  Finally, it’s flu season: cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, you barbarian.


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Double the range, Double your pleasure, Double your fun

Yet another amateur day on the Brammo front, as they announce the Enertia+ (or Enertia Plus) with 80 miles of range.  Sure, I could tell you all about it, but I’m just the missionary.  Here, today, I’ll be providing the links to the sites that are running the story: (I moved them to the TOP of the list because they linked to and to

Engadget: Brammo introduces the Enertia Plus electric motorcycle with double the range (video)

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