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Brammo and Polaris, EV Stars

From left to right: Brammo Enertia, Craig Bramscher, Polaris Ranger EV, and Brammo Encite

I’ll leave the re-printing of the press releases about Brammo’s new partnership with Polaris  and the closing of their Series B funding round to the other publications; my role in the great scheme of things is finding the little things and making a big deal of them. For instance, the picture, above.  Oh sure, it’s all warm and fuzzy with the Polaris EV Ranger with the Brammo Encite in the bed, and CEO Craig Bramscher proudly standing by, but a closer look reveals some interesting details:

1. The hidden GPS data behind this photo shows it was taken on the site of the proposed (now ‘confirmed’?) new headquarters of Brammo, on land adjacent to the existing facilities.

2.  More significant, perhaps, is the contraption mounted on the hood of the Polaris Ranger, connected to a spaghetti-jumble of electric wires.  That device appears to be some sort of data-logger, retrofitted to a standard Ranger by some zealous Brammo engineers, no doubt, looking to improve the already impressive performance of the Ranger with some Ashland hoodoo magic. Sure, go ahead and read the press releases and congratulate Brammo and Polaris as the two recipients of this year’s “match made in EV heaven” award.  I’m already expecting big things to come from the pair – electric snowmobiles, ATVs, maybe even a cross between Polaris’s own Victory brand cruisers and the Brammo electric drive train?  This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, and as choices among investors go, Polaris is a good one, with a better than expected financial report during this generally depressed motorsports market.

3. Finally, kudos to Mr. Bramscher who’s looking much healthier and trimmer than we’ve seen him in months.  Will he get down to his fighting weight from his high school football days?   Anything is possible in this crazy mixed-up world.  Who knows, maybe Brammo will even come out with a motorcycle built for two someday.

Craig Bramscher, EV Ranger

Press releases after the break.

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Busy Brammo Weekend

“Divide and Conquer” is a good guess for Brammo’s mantra of the week.  According to Brammo’s Events Calendar, their race teams will be split between two events:

The TTXGP A123 Race at Infineon Raceway, in Sonoma, California, and

The Monster Energy Grand Prix at Glen Helen Raceway in Devore, California.

Link to discounted tickets for the TTXGP are here.

The challenge of having a road racing team and a motocross team (all while continuing to be a leader in the nascent industry of electric motorcycles) is going to be apparent this weekend.  These two tracks are approximately 450 miles apart.  It is likely that Brian Wismann, Director of Product Development at Brammo, will be at the TTXGP event, as he has been a driving force behind the Empulse RR racebike development.  The bike will be ridden by Steve Atlas of

It’s not clear who will be the motocross team manager, although Dave Harvey, a long-time Brammo technician, is likely to be front and center, given his love for the dirt.  The Brammo Engage, announced last week, will be racing with its innovative 6-speed transmission.  Hopefully, the larger track at Glen Helen will allow the bike to show the benefits of a transmission – something that the small track at the MiniMoto event last weekend seemed to limit.

Keep watching this space for news about whether video feeds will be available for either of the events.


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Brammo hitting the dirt?

No, I don’t have any new information that I can share.  Just wanted to say, fine job of detective work, Mr. Beeler:

Brammo Going Racing at the AMA Mini Moto SX


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Clue#5: It’s the governor

Oregon governor Ted Kulongoski visited Brammo today, handed them a check for a cool hundred grand (for training … the Geek Squad?) and watched while Brian Wismann wowed everyone with the quiet power of the Enertia.
Pics later, when I’m not trying to do this from my phone.

Updated, with Pics!:


Governor Ted Kulongoski, with the Brammo Enertia

Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher with Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski

Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher with Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski

Brammo Lead Designer, Brian Wismann, puts the Enertia through its paces for the Governor

Brammo Lead Designer, Brian Wismann, puts the Enertia through its paces for the Governor

And this news item, covering today’s visit, thanks to the Portland Business Journal with notably new info in BOLD:

Oregon gives Brammo $100,000

An Ashland electric motorcycle company received a $100,000 state grant Monday as Gov. Ted Kulongoski toured two electric vehicle startups in southern Oregon.

Brammo Inc. was issued the grant through Kulongoski’s Strategic Reserve Fund. The company will use the money to help grow the company’s work force to more than 300 workers in the next two years.

Brammo employs 53 and plans to grow to 247 by the end of 2010 and more than 350 by the end of 2011.

The company plans to invest $51 million over the next five years to produce its all-electric motorcycle called the Enertia. That includes an $18 million headquarters and production facility in Ashland.

The company hopes to initially manufacture about 5,000 of its motorcycles in the first 12 months of production and grow to more than 45,000 by 2012.

Brammo has an agreement in place with electronics retailer Best Buy to market and sell the bikes, which will start at $12,000 each and later drop to $6,500* once the company reaches full production. Brammo is also working on an entry-level model called “Encite” which will retail for $3,500* or less.

Kulongoski also toured Ashland-based Barefoot Motors, a startup that relocated form California in October. The company produces an all-electric off-road utility vehicle for agricultural, industrial and land management uses.

The company launched its assembly operations on June 25 and is producing about 10 of its Earth Utility Vehicles each month.

So, Brammo gets $100,000 for training and to increase the size of its workforce, announces that the Enertia will eventually come down in price to $6500* when they reach full production, and announces that it is working on a smaller electric motorcycle (or scooter?) call the Encite, (not to be confused with Enzyte – warning: turn your speakers down or suffer the consequences to your reputation.)

Update #2

Let’s try this again.  According to a trustworthy source, that $6500 price is actually after all rebates from various government agencies and with leasing the batteries separately, a program that has yet to be rolled out.

And, likewise, that $3500 price quoted in the article for the Encite is if the buyer leases the battery separately. The actual (targeted) retail price is more like $4995.

Hopefully, we’ll hear more about the battery leasing program in the coming days or weeks.


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