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Home Power Magazine Loves Electric Motorcycles

Home Power Magazine - Brammofan Approves

UPDATED!!  Five Easy  Four FREE Steps to Electric Enlightenment

Step One: go to

Step Two:  Click on “View Complete Issue”  “View Article.”

Step Three: Click on “Become a Digital Subscriber to view issue”

Step Four: Shell out $9.95 for a year’s subscription.

Step Five THREE: Read the article by Brad Berman titled “Kick Started – Electric Motorcycles Gain Traction.”

Step Six FOUR: Read the article by Ted Dillard titled “Personal Electric Vehicles Get More Personal.”

Why should you do this?

Because you want to keep up-to-date with all the happenings and developments in the world of electric motorcycles.  Berman does a great job summarizing the various offerings available today, and there’s some insightful information  about Dillard’s efforts converting worn out gas bikes into like-new electric ones from Dillard about electric two wheelers ranging in size from small (like bicycles and scooters ) to large (motorcycles and Segways).

I’m not sure that’s worth $10. What else?

Here’s the kicker: Berman’s article includes an interview with me.  I don’t want to give away the farm, but here’s some excerpts:

Mallin says that his motorcycle, which was delivered to him in a crate in June 2010, has exceeded his expectations. Not only is it a greener transportation option, but most of all, it’s a daily thrill. “It’s fun to ride, that’s for sure,” Mallin says. “How often do you wake up looking forward to your morning commute?”

* * *

“The only thing I hear when I ride my motorcycle is the wind inside my helmet, a little bit of chain noise, and the tires on the road,” Mallin says. “It’s much more of a visceral experience and closer to nature, compared to the rumble, rumble, rumble of a gas bike. On an electric bike, you can hear the crickets in the summer.”

Berman has also included quotes by Brian Wismann, Director of Product Development at Brammo; John Adamo, editor of (and co-moderator of the Brammo Owners Forum); Harlan Flagg, owner of Hollywood Electrics; and Azhar Hussain, CEO of the TTXGP electric motorcycle racing series.

And yes, he even includes some pictures and information about bikes other than Brammo, including Zero Motorcycles, Mission Motors, Quantya, and Roehr Motorcycles.  So don’t waste your $10 on ice cream and donuts – spend it wisely on a subscription to Home Power and come away lighter, healthier, and better informed.



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Brammo Evangelist of the Year

That’s me.  When Brammo announced it was going to be giving an Enertia to the Brammo Evangelist of the Year, people began telling me that I was a shoo-in.  But being the type of guy who has his finger on the pulse of Brammo and can usually predict the news from Ashland before it gets published, the announcement took me by surprise.  Because of that, I actually suspected they had other plans, such as giving it to a celebrity.  Was Jay Leno getting yet another Enertia?  Maybe they were going for the teen girl market and would be sending it to Robert Pattinson.  Or perhaps they wanted to capture the aging baby boomer market and wanted to award one to Adam West.

My fears were unfounded.  I’m getting an Enertia and I feel like the king of the World.

The fact that I found all of this out while hanging out with the TTXGP crowd at Infineon Raceway at the first race of the electric motorcycle series was both fitting and, admittedly, somewhat distracting.  I wanted to grab folks there and say, “Dude! I’m getting an Enertia!”  I did get a chance to grab at least one person and tell her this.  Chelsea Sexton, star of stage and screen:

Chelsea Sexton, icon, (left), and Me a/k/a Brammofan a/k/a Brammo Evangelist of the Year (2010), (right).

To me, this honor, this gift, doesn’t mean that the job is done.  I’m not going to shut down the blog, park the bike in my garage, and disappear into oblivion.  The Enertia is just my newest companion on the journey of getting the word out about the Brammo in particular and electric vehicles in general.  As Azhar Hussain said to me this weekend, “we can’t keep burning things up to get around the planet.”

You’ll be hearing a lot about my new bike.  Frankly, you’ll probably get sick of seeing pictures of it and reading stories about it, but I also think a few of you (hopefully, more than a few) decide to take the next step with me and become an owner of one.  Join us on the Brammo Owners Forum and lets make each other sick with pics, videos and stories.  Let’s get advice from Brian Wismann of Brammo on how to take care of our bikes (a job that is magnitudes easier than maintaining an I.C.E. bike).

Prepare yourselves, fellow Brammo Fans, for the next step of the journey.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Going to Infineon? Look me up!

I’ll be leaving my Brammofan Hat at home, but I’ll be at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California, for the TTXGP race.  Even though my beloved Brammo Racing Team won’t be there, I heard a rumor that Best Buy is bringing their traveling roadshow of electric vehicles to the track.  If they don’t include the Brammo Enertia in that collection, you should still drop by their tent because you’ll likely see me delivering a buttload of shame upon the hapless blueshirts of Best Buy.

For the most part, I’ll be hanging with my homies at the TTXGP VIP tent, thanks to my association with the TTXGP Technical Rules Wiki.  And I’ll be at the Werkstatt Fundraising Party that is scheduled for Friday night at 7:30 at the San Francisco Motorcycle Club.  If you’re one of the loyal minions, drop by and chat me up.  John Adamo, a/k/a @skadamo, blogger at, should be close by, so there’s that added value.


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Brammofan and Skadamo on EVCast Tomorrow

The number of personalities in the virtual studio of EVCast tomorrow at noon (Central time) is going to be vast. The host, Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield is also known as @aminorjourney on Twitter.

My co-guest is John Adamo, also known as @skadamo on Twitter.  He also can be found at, his blog on the subject of electric motorcycles and bicycles; at; and at about 20 other forums he’s created. Additionally, he is a frequent contributor to Asphalt&Rubber, usually on the subject of electric motorcycles.

Me, I’m Harry Mallin, also known as @Brammofan on Twitter, and I tend to focus on all things Brammo on this blog.  I am also @eMotoRules on Twitter and have a blog that can be found at that focuses on my other role as the moderator on the TTXGP Technical Rules Wiki.

That’s a lot of identities in the (virtual) room at once.

I am still waiting on Nikki to send the show notes, but hope to talk about Brammo, TTXGP, electric motorcycles in general, crowdsourcing, and Chelsea Sexton.

Tune in live at or grab the podcast.  Attendance for brammofans is MANDATORY.


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TTXGP eGrandPrix and FIM e-Power on Google Maps

A Brammofan’s got to keep busy doing something these days.  While Brammo focuses on keeping Best Buy stocked up with Enertias and is diverting its power to the assembly line instead of the BrammoBuzzmaker, I put together the following two Google maps, which show the locations of the electric motorcycle races (so far) that have been announced by the TTXGP and the FIM.   My good buddy from Norway, Ivar, made the observation that September 26, 2010, is going to be a busy day in Italy.  Both series will be holding races – about 45 miles apart.

Here is the link to the Google Map for the TTXGP series

Here is the link to the Google Map for the FIM series.


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Cycle World to feature Brammo Enertia testride

With news outlets buzzing about FIM’s (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme) break from the TTXGP (after getting its racing rules and the secret recipe of 15 ingredients that make the eGrandprix so delicious) you have to wonder if the world of ICE (internal combustion engines) motorcycles is finally deciding that this whole “electric” thing has some legs.  Can the ICE bikes and the EV bikes co-exist in peace?  Can a tattooed Harley rider buy a beer for a bespectacled Brammo nerd?  Can a mud-covered Zero X rider get a towel from the Yamaha YZ450 rider parked next to him?  Can a Vectrix rider get some sympathy about his warranty woes from the Vespa rider stopped at the traffic light?

We may soon know the answers to those questions as yet another psychological barrier has been broken.  Cycle World, the go-to gas motorcycle magazine, has a blurb in its online zine that contains a teaser about a full test ride of the Enertia.  The article, which mentions October 2009’s “ShockingBarack” ride and the recent price drop, also says:

Look for a full test of the Brammo Enertia in an upcoming issue of Cycle World magazine.

The EnertiaTTR, Brammo’s racing bike that placed third at this year’s TTXGP on the Isle of Man, recently appeared in Motorcyclist magazine, another of the large-circulation, mainstream cycle mags.  What’s next?  Well, if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, you know what’s next:  Hot Machine Magazine.


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TTXGP: More information about 2010 Racing Series Released

ttxgplogo2Looks like you can “register your interest” on the eGrandPrix website for information about next year’s TTXGP racing series.

mavizenlogoAdditionally, if you’re interested in purchasing a ready-made racing bike, or just curious about it, you can “be amongst the first to get the latest updates and information about Mavizen’s products and services” on the website that apparently is going to be the clearinghouse for that impulse item. From the website:

mavizen montage

Fusing the DNA of the TTXGP champion the Agni X01 and our 120mph TTX01 prototype, the TTX02 will allow a chosen few to be part of the next big leap in high performance motorsports. Production will be limited to 50 units.

Here’s the presser from the TTXGP Blog:


OK guys, its done.

Working with the ACU, we have now agreed terms and contracts to deliver the world’s first zero carbon national championship.

Built around 4 rounds and 2 classes, we are working to develop a programme that will be thrilling, fast and be the platform for the stars of the future for motorsports.

Special thanks to Dave Luscomb and Jim Parker for working with us to make this happen.

Please register at A new website is on the way with details of rules, venues etc. We are also rolling out a programme to help teams get the skills and technologies they need at a sensible price. Check out for details.

TTXGP UK Championship 2010 starts here. Be part of it, and get ready to make history!


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