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Brammo Bull in China – Shop!

My Mandarin is a bit rusty these days so I’m not sure what the announcer is saying in this video about Brammo.  Perhaps one of my visitors who is a bit more fluent can provide a translation.  I do have to say, my first thoughts were:

1. Wow… they already have Enertias in China, and

2. This part of China looks amazingly similar to Ashland, Oregon, home of Brammo.

I eventually figured it out, and you will too.  Lots of footage of Enertias, and some Isle of Man 2009 TTXGP racing footage about mid-way into this video.



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Jackie Chan on his Brammo Enertia

Jackie Chan...serious about selling Brammo Enertias

And here’s his message:


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Cycle World to feature Brammo Enertia testride

With news outlets buzzing about FIM’s (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme) break from the TTXGP (after getting its racing rules and the secret recipe of 15 ingredients that make the eGrandprix so delicious) you have to wonder if the world of ICE (internal combustion engines) motorcycles is finally deciding that this whole “electric” thing has some legs.  Can the ICE bikes and the EV bikes co-exist in peace?  Can a tattooed Harley rider buy a beer for a bespectacled Brammo nerd?  Can a mud-covered Zero X rider get a towel from the Yamaha YZ450 rider parked next to him?  Can a Vectrix rider get some sympathy about his warranty woes from the Vespa rider stopped at the traffic light?

We may soon know the answers to those questions as yet another psychological barrier has been broken.  Cycle World, the go-to gas motorcycle magazine, has a blurb in its online zine that contains a teaser about a full test ride of the Enertia.  The article, which mentions October 2009’s “ShockingBarack” ride and the recent price drop, also says:

Look for a full test of the Brammo Enertia in an upcoming issue of Cycle World magazine.

The EnertiaTTR, Brammo’s racing bike that placed third at this year’s TTXGP on the Isle of Man, recently appeared in Motorcyclist magazine, another of the large-circulation, mainstream cycle mags.  What’s next?  Well, if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, you know what’s next:  Hot Machine Magazine.


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Latest Brammo Buzz

I’m back from Thanksgiving with my inlaws and my favorite part of the visit was my tour of the Green + Wired House at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.  There, tucked in the garage next to the robotic snow blower (I kid you not) was the Brammo Enertia.  Actually, it was the earlier prototype (tan seat, silver ‘tank,’ and black side panels) but an Enertia, nevertheless.  I flipped up the door on the “tank” to reveal the charging plug and was just about to straddle it when Ms.Brammofan reminded me we were at a museum, and would get in trouble, get kicked out, etc.  Still, we always remember our “first” and at least I had those simple moments of EV lust before I was brought back to reality.

Speaking of reality, the reality is that whether it’s an electric motorcycle or a gas-powered one, you’re going to lose in a contest involving occupying the same space at the same time with almost any other vehicle.  Such was the lesson learned by our beloved Nathan, who is currently alive (yea!) and awake ( yea!) but in a lot of pain in a hospital in Portland, Oregon.  He’s still not out of the dark, so keep him in your thoughts and prayers.  If you have some money you’d care to donate to help defray the lodging costs for his mom while she is in Portland, go to: In addition, there are discussions to join in on and . He’s been mentioned on the EVCast (by Chelsea Sexton, no less) and has an article about him in Wired Autopia.

Finally, Craig Bramscher, Brammo CEO, has been touring China for some . . . uh . . . unknown reason, and just sent a tweet earlier today about dining with Jackie Chan.  Yes, “The” Jackie Chan, who also happens to be an owner of JCAM, the company that distributes the Segway throughout Asia.  Anyone read Mandarin?


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He who hesitates is lost

San Carlos, California, E-Day + 1

(update… below)

That, my friends, is a photo sent to me by one of the BrammoBrigade Regulars.  He claims it is a picture of the display stand for the Enertia at the San Carlos, California Best Buy store.  The store, which finally got its certification as a motorcycle dealer midday yesterday, immediately sold all three of its Enertias from its stock room, and sold the “floor model” to another customer early this afternoon.  “Bob the Bike Guy” at the store couldn’t be reached at the time of this post, but I hope to talk to him later tonight or possibly tomorrow to get the background.

Calls to other Best Buy stores resulted in similar stories.  The Cascades Parkway Store sold its bikes, but does have the floor model.  They have eight more coming from Brammo . . . but they are all sold. I asked David the helpful EV guy how long it would take to get one if I told him I wanted one today, and he said “one to two weeks.”

If you wait any longer it becomes a matter of a simple equation:


Just in case you think its a bunch of hype/buzz/bull, recall the post from earlier today.  If it starts selling in China, those wait times are likely to increase.  The last I heard, they have eleventy billion people over there.


Here is a picture of Michael.  Michael is a happy man.  He just bought one of the bikes from Best Buy in San Carlos:

The only thing Michael is worried about is the moment when his wife discovers that the bike only seats one adult.


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