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Hawaii Hang 20 for Brammo?

I’ve never been to Hawaii, but I imagine it’s a perfect place for an EV like the Brammo Enertia.  It’s pretty small.  The weather’s great. And they have some great roads for riding on.  It’s also the next stop on the SIWIBABE list (States in which I’d buy a Brammo Enertia).

This month, Hawaii is scheduled to begin providing “rebates for Hawaii residents, businesses, State and County agencies, and nonprofit entities for the initial purchase of new, commercially available electric vehicles for use in Hawaii and for the purchase and installation of commercially available charging equipment in Hawaii.” See this page.

Oops.  Almost forgot the standard Brammofan Tax Advisor Disclaimer:

Disclaimer: Don’t get your tax or other financial advice from anyone whose online name ends in -fan.  This means: do your own homework on this purchase.  I’m just trying to get you to think.

The amount of the tax rebate (hey!  it’s a rebate, not a credit, so you’re getting a check, Dan-o) is “up to 20% of the vehicle purchase price, up to a maximum of $4500 per vehicle.”  I’m not sure why they put that first “up to” there… I see no other limiting information, but the official applications may include some fine print to mull over.

Let’s go to the numbers:

$7995 – retail price of the Brammo Enertia

-799 – Federal Tax Credit

-1599 – Hawaii Tax Rebate



Not too shabby, Big Kahuna.  On the SIWIBABE list, that puts the Aloha State in between Illinois and Georgia:

Oklahoma: $4059

Colorado: $4225

Illinois: $4240

Hawaii: $5597

Georgia: $5696

California: $5834

Oregon: $6127.

Of course, there’s also the problem of getting a Brammo Enertia to the Big Island.  I am somewhat doubtful that Brammo’s $500 delivery fee for residents of states other than California and Oregon would apply, but it you’re one of the thousands of readers of Brammofan in Hawaii, and you’re ready to give it a shot, put down that pina colada and get busy:  Or, if you want to wait for the Empulse, at least get your preorder in.  The Empulse 10.0 would be:


-1399 Fed cred

-2799 Hawaii rebate



This information should be showing up soon over on, as well, complete with his Total Cost of Ownership calculator.



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Colorado Brammo-fantasy – Revisited

Colorado has just approved the Brammo Enertia as eligible for the state’s Alternative Fuel Tax Credit.  Although it doesn’t show up yet on their online document as an approved vehicle, the State said in a recent email:

Thank you for all the information on your electric motorcycle. It appears to qualify for the Colorado Alternative fuel tax credit.  I show the incremental price difference to be $3,495.00 your vehicle would qualify under category 1 so would be entitled  to an 85% credit. $3,495x.85= $2,971.00 minus any federal tax credit available.

What does this mean in English (and with real numbers)?

It means that if you buy a Brammo Enertia in Colorado, you will initially hand over the retail price of the bike plus any sales tax (I think Colorado’s State Sales Tax is 2.9%, but I’m going to leave all the taxes out of these articles because different cities and counties have their own sales taxes, and, frankly, I’ve got better things to do than to chase down local tax rates.  Better things, like…um… Hey… do your own homework.)  Speaking of homework . . .

Disclaimer: Don’t get your tax or other financial advice from anyone whose online name ends in -fan.  This means: do your own homework on this purchase.  I’m just trying to get you to think.

Colorado by the numbers:

$7995 – Retail price of Brammo Enertia

-$799 – Federal Tax Credit

-$2971 – Colorado Tax Credit



Okay, so that’s not quite as good as the $2700 figure I came up with the first time I wrote about this issue, but that’s what you get for trusting the advice of a man who chose his profession because he couldn’t stand the sight of blood and because he didn’t “do” numbers.

Still, $4225 is nothing to sneeze at.

In the current tally of SIWIBABE (States in which I’d buy a Brammo Enertia) here’s the rundown:

Oklahoma: $4059

Colorado: $4225

Illinois: $4240

California: $5834

On some of these, I added things like a “delivery charge” and some fees here and there, but this is just for comparison purposes, anyway.  I’ve never considered moving to Oklahoma before, but given that my home state of Missouri offers exactly zilch in the area of alternative vehicle incentives, it might be worth at least making a friend with a Sooner.


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Brammofan-tasy, California Style

UPDATED, Below, with new $$ amounts

One of the most clicked posts I’ve ever written was this one about the Colorado tax credit and how, using it and other incentives, it was possible to bring the final out-of-pocket cost of the Brammo Enertia down to $2,540. (Oops… I think it’s slightly more than that, but not much… recalculation to come)   Now, it’s California’s turn, because the Enertia just got approved by the California as eligible for the grants.  Brammo released this email from the California Air Resources Board:

Congratulations!  The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has reviewed your vehicle eligibility application and has determined that 2010 model year Brammo Enertia motorcycles purchased or leased for 36 months or longer on or after March 15, 2010, and having a two-year warranty are eligible to receive grants of $1,500 on a first-come first‑served basis contingent upon the availability of CVRP funding.  The CVRP Manager at the California Center for Sustainable Energy will update the vehicle eligibility list available from the CVRP website (  An e-signature copy of the approval letter is attached.  A hard-copy of the letter has been mailed to you.

Brammo customers requesting a CVRP rebate will need to provide the program administrator evidence, either in the purchase agreement or in a separate receipt, that they purchased the second year warranty.

So, all you would-be on-the-fence Enertia buyers in California… here’s the deal.  Buy your Enertia now for $7995, get the $800 Federal Tax Credit, and get the $1500 California Grant.

7995 – 800 – 1500 = 5695

$5695 for an Enertia.

More details, below:

Read the rest of this entry »

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Brammo in San Mateo this Weekend


If you’re near San Mateo, California, this weekend, head over to the motorcycle show at the County Expo Center.  Brammo Technician Josh will be there and you may just be able to score a test ride of the Brammo Enertia while you’re there.  If you like it, you can probably talk to Josh about buying one, or maybe just head over to the Best Buy in San Carlos and ride one home get on the not-to-lengthy-yet waiting list.

If you do happen by and want to share pics, videos, or ride reports, you can always reach me at brammofan at .

Brammo will also be at the Long Beach Motorcycle Show the weekend of December 4-6.



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He who hesitates is lost

San Carlos, California, E-Day + 1

(update… below)

That, my friends, is a photo sent to me by one of the BrammoBrigade Regulars.  He claims it is a picture of the display stand for the Enertia at the San Carlos, California Best Buy store.  The store, which finally got its certification as a motorcycle dealer midday yesterday, immediately sold all three of its Enertias from its stock room, and sold the “floor model” to another customer early this afternoon.  “Bob the Bike Guy” at the store couldn’t be reached at the time of this post, but I hope to talk to him later tonight or possibly tomorrow to get the background.

Calls to other Best Buy stores resulted in similar stories.  The Cascades Parkway Store sold its bikes, but does have the floor model.  They have eight more coming from Brammo . . . but they are all sold. I asked David the helpful EV guy how long it would take to get one if I told him I wanted one today, and he said “one to two weeks.”

If you wait any longer it becomes a matter of a simple equation:


Just in case you think its a bunch of hype/buzz/bull, recall the post from earlier today.  If it starts selling in China, those wait times are likely to increase.  The last I heard, they have eleventy billion people over there.


Here is a picture of Michael.  Michael is a happy man.  He just bought one of the bikes from Best Buy in San Carlos:

The only thing Michael is worried about is the moment when his wife discovers that the bike only seats one adult.


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Happy E-Day, San Carlos

I just received word that Best Buy #140 1127 Industrial Rd, San Carlos, California, is now selling the Brammo Enertia. I’m assuming that test rides will require that you have a motorcycle endorsement on your license.  Run, don’t walk.

Best Buy #104 - San Carlos, California


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On your marks . . .

The Big Brammo Ballyhoo should happen any time now, so I thought you might want to know where you can pick up a Brammo Enertia, or two, or even a (insert collective noun here).

According to Brammo’s store locator, the Enertia can be purchased at six locations in California and Oregon.  I made a map . . . click through to the page:


UPDATE: Apparently, the two bay area stores have the bike on display but not officially for sale yet, due to not getting their paperwork processed by the California DMV.  As I noted in an earlier post, one of the big hold ups to selling the bikes at Best Buy is that the store must get an automobile dealer license.  According to Brian Wismann, the stores will be up and running and test rides will be available sometime in the next two weeks.

Of course, if you live in the other 48 states or in the rest of the world (assuming you can come and pick it up in the U.S.), you can always order online at


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