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Brammo Logo Commissioned Artwork

I was watching my “Nearby” feed on Google + when I noticed a posting by Louie Buchanan, a Kansas City artist who is slowly carving out a niche in the custom-painted motorcycle helmet world.  Here’s the helmet I saw, initially:

I’m not that much into skulls, especially when they are on the back of something which my skull is currently inside of, but I could see talent here and I was interested.  I began chatting with Louie on G+ and asked him to take a look at my current helmet, an AGV Miglia, and the current design detail, a Brammo bull’s head logo:

I told Louie about my bike – most significantly, that it’s electric.  A few days later, he sent me this:

I liked the “electric” feel of this, but, before I could make any suggestions, Louie sent me one that he thought reflected the “American Made” aspect of Brammo:

I tend to think that Harley Davidson has the stars and stripes angle on motorcycle riding gear pretty wrapped up, so I told him that while I liked his creativity, I didn’t want to go with the “Old Glory” design.  I did, however, appreciate what I thought was a subliminally suggestive figure of a female body under the sheets.  Can anyone else see it, or am I just being a dirty old man?

Louie then sent me the following design, which, I think, is what I’m going with. I like the chrome-like accents, the stripes, and especially, the electric arc effects wrapping around the stripes:

If you’re interested in working with Louie on your ideas for a custom painted helmet, he is extremely easy to work with and has a lot of creative energy to expend on these projects.  He’s got a Facebook page: L B Customs or you can email him at



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