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Time to Roll ’em out?

Not news: Brammo and Best Buy are Buddies.  We’ve known that since September 2008, when Brammo raised a $10 million round from Best Buy Venture Capital.

Not news: Brammo and Best Buy are serious about being Buddies: We’ve known this since February 2009, when Brammo announced that its electric motorcycle, the Brammo Enertia, would be sold at select Best Buy stores on the West Coast.  And the pair sealed the deal when the bikes finally went on sale in Portland, Oregon (August 2009) and Los Angeles (October 2009) and San Francisco (November 2009).

Now, where is the news?  Where is the news about the roll out of the Brammo Enertia to other Best Buy stores across the country?  Now that Christmas is over and Best Buy can once again move its displays around to accommodate the Enertia and other electric vehicles/bikes, when will we see this vignette played in Chicago?  New York? Texas? Florida? Kansas City?

Enertia on floor for 30 seconds for a photo op, and it captures the attention of genuine Biker dude

Brammo fans have been asking for this to be rolled out to their cities for months now.

What are you guys waiting for?



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Many Bothans Died to Bring Us this Video

… which is pretty unfortunate, given the fact that it FAILS to show a single Enertia for sale on the salesfloor.  But it’s pretty fun to watch, anyway.  It arrived in my inbox this afternoon from an “anonymous” source.  I got the whole, “I’m being sneaky, taking a secret video” vibe from it:

I’m not going to leave you with that, however. Here’s a much more uh… detailed video, posted today by Brammo’s Lead Designer, Brian Wismann, aka on twitter as @brammodesigner:

Much cooler, eh?  Looked like he almost had a bit of kneedragging there toward the end.

Now, does anyone want to share a clear, steady video of the Enertia and the TTR on the showroom floor?  If they try to stop you from filming it, just tell them that Brian Dunn is all over the social media deal and that you’re going to tweet it to him.  Just make sure you know his twitter name: @bjdsr


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The Time to Act is NOW

Lack of sleep doesn’t usually lead to clear thinking.  It’s 2am and I just drafted an online petition and submitted it and I have decided that, for better or worse, it’s time to get this ball rolling.

How long have you been following the saga of the Brammo Enertia? I may have been following it for a few action-packed months, but it’s been going on since at least the summer of 2008 when Brammo, Inc., shifted its emphasis from building supercars to building a zero-emissions plug-in motorcycle.

When Brammo announced last February that it would be selling the Enertia in Best Buy stores, the target date was set for May 2009.  That date came and went, as did other announced dates in June and early July.  

Now, the chatter is that the debut of the Enertia will be delayed another one or two weeks.  

Enough of this nonsense.  I want every Brammo Fan to sign the petition I just created, asking Brian Dunn, CEO of Best Buy to usher in the new era of electric transportation.  

It reads:

To:  Brian Dunn, CEO, Best BuyWe, the citizens of the world, are ready for history to be made. 
We have sat calmly by while Brammo, Inc., of Ashland, Oregon, developed and produced the Enertia, the first plug-in electric powercycle designed from the ground up by an American company and intended for the commuter market. 
We have sat calmly by while Best Buy and Brammo announced a historic partnership to sell the Enertia in Best Buy stores, the first time a motorcycle of any kind would be sold in a consumer electronics store. 
We have sat calmly by while the date of the debut of the Brammo Enertia in your stores has faced delay after delay. 
Enough with the fits and starts. 
It is time, Mr. Dunn, for the Enertia to be presented to the public in your stores. 
We respectfully request that you, as CEO of Best Buy, use all the authority of your position to bring the Enertia to market. 
We, the citizens of the world, want you to declare “Enertia Day” or “E Day,” the day of the Enertia’s debut in your stores, as soon as humanly possible. 
The world is ready to meet the dawn of the era of electric transportation and zero-emission vehicles.


The Undersigned

Tell your friends, your fellow riders, your fellow EV enthusiasts to sign the petition.  

Tell your family, your fellow Debbie Harry fans, and your fellow CP+B interns and employees, to sign the petition.  

Tell your fellow residents of Ashland, of Portland, of Boulder, and of the world, to sign the petition.

Tell your fellow bloggers and your fellow stuntwomen to sign the petition.  

And sign it yourself, too.  Let’s change the world, two wheels at a time.

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Best Buy? Yes. $12,000? Yes.

Over at “the electric bliss” (or is it “Clear Evolution”?), there is a great article by one of the CP+B interns addressing some of the head-scratching questions people have when they first hear about the Brammo Enertia Powercycle being sold at Best Buy.  With their permission, I am running the (edited) article here:

Brammo in Best Buy? At that price?

People seem to be very confused when Brammo announced that the Enertia would be distributed through Best Buy.  Best Buy is an electronic store, known for leading the pack in innovation and standing on the edge of cutting technology.  If someone is looking for the latest and greatest… where do they go? Best Buy.

“Best Buy Chief Executive Brian Dunn defended the biker excursion as just the type of venture the company needs to test as it retunes its retail formula amid changing technological trends.” Stated the Wall Street Journal.

The Brammo Enertia is an electronic.  Moreover, how many people visit the most prominent motorcycle shop?  Now compare their BEST day to the amount of foot traffic a Best Buy has.  The number of people who stroll through motorcycle shops doesn’t even come close to the number of people who visit Best Buy.

How does Brammo “justify” the price?  The same way Apple did when they released the first iPod at $600.00, or the astronomical pricing of the first plasma screen TVs.  New technology is expensive. It has to be.  Eventually the price will come down and better models and upgrades will be available, just like everything else.

What about the recession?

“Best Buy has been weathering the recession better than some retailers, and said last month that it boosted its already leading market share in the U.S. by two percentage points during the three months ending in April, as it picked up business from its former rival, Circuit City Stores Inc., which closed in March.”

Yes, ‘times’ are tough. Yes, Best Buy seems like they are taking on a huge and ‘unusual‘ addition. Best Buy has a history of sharp turns that have kept it ahead of competitors.

Thanks, Claire!

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New Best Buy CEO mentions Brammo on his first day

Best Buy’s new CEO, Brian Dunn, said today that his tenure will be the era of “ubiquitous connectivity.”

From the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal, today:

Best Buy’s emphasis on connectivity, however, will extend far beyond just TVs, laptops and cell phones, Dunn said, pointing to the company’s new minority stake in Brammo Inc., an Ashland, Ore.-based company that makes electric motorcycles. Best Buy soon will begin selling the motorcyles at five test stores on the West Coast.

Nice to see that the new CEO seems eager to promote Brammo, and that he sees the Enertia as more than just a novel product.  Ubiquitous connectivity is a theme that would seem to mesh well with Brammo’s vision of “changing the world two wheels at a time.”

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