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At last – Brammo Empulse Assembly Line Shifts Into High Gear

Photos of the production line of the Brammo Empulse:

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(via the Brammole)



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Best Buy CEO gets Prime Parking Spot for #11

Sorry, but there are no spy shots (yet) of Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn (@BBYCEO on Twitter) on his new ride, but my Brammole has provided me this photo showing the Brammo Enertia TTR race bike (#11, Roy Richardson) parked right outside of Dunn’s office at Best Buy headquarters:

Dunn's new toy.

Given the fact that it is 22 degrees and snow is predicted, we don’t expect to see any action shots of him pulling wheelies on 76th Street in Minneapolis any time soon.  Remember, the last time we saw #11 moving was on the Isle of Man in the 2009 TTXGP race.

However, can a Brammofan get a CEO in the same picture as the TTR?  Maybe even astride it?  Come on, Brammole, don’t let me down.


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At Crazy Craig’s Emporium of Enertias . . .

the Brammos are selling like hotcakes.  Provided, however, that you’re talking about a hotcake that once sold for $12,000 and which just got $4,000 slashed off its price tag.

The more I thought about yesterdays stunning 33% price cut on Brammo Enertias, the more it sounded like one of those “Mad Mike’s Bargain Barn of Values” types of moves.  “Mike’s gone MAD, slashing prices right and left!”

Except, of course, Mad Mike doesn’t usually have to convince serious investors like Best Buy that his insanity has a purpose.  Or that current profit margins are enough to sustain an adequate return on investment when the sales numbers increase and . . . Okay.  I’m not fooling anybody here.  I slept through the only Business course I ever took in college.

My point is that Crazy Craig may indeed be crazy . . . like a fox.  He’s no stranger to calculated risks: He quit selling gas guzzling supercars that were providing he and his company with plenty of profits, and decided to produce an electric motorcycle.  Now, with the investors that were required to reach this point, he has to justify these risks. Think those investors are keen on losing money?  Or on waiting until some indefinite point in the future to possibly start making money?  Not likely.

I only mention this “craziness” because it’s about the only negative comment I’ve been able to unearth, following the pricing announcement yesterday.  I’ve been scouring forums and blogs and twitter during the past 24 hours. Plenty of comments sounded like this: “Been waiting for the Enertia to come down in price before I made the decision to buy.  This clinched it.”

Still, you have to wonder, do a few comments here and there result in actual sales?

My super-secret source, deep within the bowels of the Brammowerks, suggests that all signs point to “yes.”

I can confirm a surge in web traffic and orders both via the web and from walk-ins to Best Buy.

Most customers will be able to ride away with a bike…..currently no one is waiting more than 48 hours.

(via the Brammole)

So there you have it.  If you don’t want to have to wait too long, better get off that fence.  I seriously doubt there will be any “Black Friday” specials coming out of Ashland, Oregon this year.


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Close-up of iPod/iPhone mount on Enertia

From an “inside source” comes this picture:


Oh, sure, to some folks it may appear to be a standard iPod/iPhone mount for a motorcycle.  According to, though, perhaps something else is going on.

Additionally, according to my source, my mole, my Brammo mole . . . Brammole (!), Brammo is a registered iPhone app developer.  I couldn’t seem to find a list online of “registered iPhone app developers,” but if you know of such an online directory, please point me in the right direction in the comments.

What would you want to see in the “killer app” for the Enertia?  Moving past the most obvious: GPS, let’s dig deeper.

Range: I would want something that could compute my range based on my current charge level, the “payload”, topography, ambient temperature, etc., that would adjust automatically as I begin my voyage.  I wouldn’t want to always be required to put in a destination; rather, a radius overlayed on a map of my location is what I envision.

Power: I would want to be able to change my bike’s power settings depending on my own preference.  And that power setting should be reflected in the range display, above.

Community: the ability to share my location and power settings with other riders is interesting to me, but not as important as the nuts and bolts of the range and power applications I’ve listed.

Have any ideas of your own? Please share them in the comments.  Let’s get crowdsourcing!


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