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New color option for Brammo Enertia?

I just saw this photo posted by one of Brammo’s special agents in Asia.  It opens up an interesting new option in colors.  The vented area, seen here in green, is, I thought, part and parcel of the rest of the body panel, seen here in white:

Asian influences?

I’ll have to check my own bike when I get home, but I’m pretty sure that’s a one piece item that someone decided to paint a couple different colors.  I’ve often wondered how my bike would look with the existing body panels in blue but with the black inset panels painted red, in the colors of my Alma Mater, University of Kansas.  (Of course, then I would be tempted to paint the front fender yellow, like the beak of the Jayhawk:

Kansas Jayhawk, Mascot of this fine institution of the Big 12, uh... Big 10... Big 8? 6?

Hmmm.  Just played with this and invented this monstrosity:

Probably not going to mess with my bike for real.

Headlight option?

The other noteworthy item in this photo is harder to pick out:


The headlight is different that the stock round housing on 2010 Brammo Enertias produced in the United States.  I’m curious about this and, if you’re reading this, oh special agent, please take a picture of the front, and maybe provide an explanation?



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Jackie Chan on his Brammo Enertia

Jackie Chan...serious about selling Brammo Enertias

And here’s his message:


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They do things differently in Hong Kong

Just slurped these pics from a Brammo employee’s Facebook posting (no place is safe from my prying eyes).  These are from the recent Hong Kong Motorcycle Show and they provide continued proof that Hong Kong is a “whole other country” when it comes to showing electric motorcycles.  While Brammo’s U.S. website appeals to the environmentally-conscious treehugger type, I’m pretty sure that I have yet to spy one “booth babe” on the site.  Here, we see two, and (oy vey), they appear to be sisters, at least if the name-tagging function in Facebook is any indication.  Enjoy the slideshow, and make sure you stick around for the random Mighty Morphin Insect Rangers, or whatever the heck they are:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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He who hesitates is lost

San Carlos, California, E-Day + 1

(update… below)

That, my friends, is a photo sent to me by one of the BrammoBrigade Regulars.  He claims it is a picture of the display stand for the Enertia at the San Carlos, California Best Buy store.  The store, which finally got its certification as a motorcycle dealer midday yesterday, immediately sold all three of its Enertias from its stock room, and sold the “floor model” to another customer early this afternoon.  “Bob the Bike Guy” at the store couldn’t be reached at the time of this post, but I hope to talk to him later tonight or possibly tomorrow to get the background.

Calls to other Best Buy stores resulted in similar stories.  The Cascades Parkway Store sold its bikes, but does have the floor model.  They have eight more coming from Brammo . . . but they are all sold. I asked David the helpful EV guy how long it would take to get one if I told him I wanted one today, and he said “one to two weeks.”

If you wait any longer it becomes a matter of a simple equation:


Just in case you think its a bunch of hype/buzz/bull, recall the post from earlier today.  If it starts selling in China, those wait times are likely to increase.  The last I heard, they have eleventy billion people over there.


Here is a picture of Michael.  Michael is a happy man.  He just bought one of the bikes from Best Buy in San Carlos:

The only thing Michael is worried about is the moment when his wife discovers that the bike only seats one adult.


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Brammo Enertia in Asia? And your WTF Pic of the Week

Brammofan scours the globe for the latest in Brammonews.  The above image came up on an image search and led me to the site and this page in particular.  Hong Kong . . . a trade show, perhaps?  Also on that page, which by the way has very little English on it, were these pictures:

I included those pictures of the Segways because you’ll notice the same non-Asian guy wearing a black Brammo shirt in both pictures.  In fact, behind the Segway Lightning Dragon you can see two (possibly three) Asian ladies wearing black Brammo shirts, as well.

Any speakers/readers of Mandarin out there?

Now, if you thought any of those were the “WTF pic of the day” you’re in for a treat.  Here it is:

Take note: on November 17, 2009, Brammofan was momentarily rendered speechless.


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