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Delay – the Albatross of the EV

I’ve written before on the subject of delay in the EV industry:

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Red Tape may be biggest challenge for Brammo and Best Buy

apteraAccording to this article from, it looks like Aptera fans are facing similar news.   John Voelker, the Editor-in-chief of this essential industry blog said, after spending about three hours at Aptera:

Paying customers will take delivery of their 2e production vehicles starting in the third or fourth quarters of next year, meaning July 1 or later.

UPDATE: This paragraph has since been edited out of the article on  Divine from that what you will.

No doubt that the collective groan from the Aptera Forum is a familiar sound to EV fans everywhere.  For example, Enertia fans in California who may be waiting for the bike to appear at Los Angeles area Best Buy stores have been told that October (make that late-October) is the target date for now. While my opinion is that it’s definitely worth the wait, I’d advise against holding your breath.

Chelsea Sexton, Goddess of Gigawatts

Chelsea Sexton, Goddess of Gigawatts

Interesting developments may emerge from a meeting today in California between Best Buy video-stars (from last week’s video, “Electric Vehicles at Best Buy“) Rick Rommel and Kai Patel and (say it with reverence) Chelsea Sexton, who is meeting with Brammo’s Channel Development Director, Adrian Stewart. (UPDATE: Ms. Sexton wasn’t there, but sent everyone a copy of “Who Killed the Electric Car?”  I guess my copy is still in the mail.  Sigh.) Oh sure, they’re probably talking about Best Buy’s new push to recycle old electronics but perhaps they’ll also tackle the EXCITING subject of ZONING, which has been one of the unexpected impediments which needed to be addressed before Best Buy can start selling and servicing the Enertia.  (see “red tape” link, above, for more on this edge-of-your-seat issue.)

(What the heck is “Channel Development” anyway?  I, for one, believe it has something to do with who gets to handle the remote control while you watch “Dancing with the Former Senators.”   Perhaps Mr. Stewart will chime in.AdrianStewart-160x240 By the way, Tom Delay is NOT the Delay I was referring to in the title of this post.)



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Electric Vehicles at Best Buy (Video) – Sadly, No Enertias

Just saw this on and it is a slick introduction to the decision-making behind Best Buy’s choice to get into the electric vehicle business.  The products featured on the video are the A2B bike (great write-up on them by @skadamo on, Baja Electric Scooter, Ezip Electric Scooter, a quick glance at a demo model of the Aptera 3-wheeler, and the Brammo TTR Race bike.  No shots of the Brammo Enertia in this video, which leads me to believe that it was produced before the last week in August 27-28, 2009, when the Enertia first appeared in two Portland, Oregon Best Buy stores.

High point: It features my favorite Empress of EV, Chelsea Sexton, aka @evchels. (See Update, below)

UPDATE: I had to update this post because the link to the video died.  It turns out that Best Buy took the first video down because, when Chelsea Sexton appeared, under her name, the name of her organization–The Lightning Rod Foundation–was misspelled as “Lighting.” Might be a little thing but hey – it means Best Buy pays attention to Chelsea.  I suggest you bring her along next time you have to return something.


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