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Mid-week Brammo Picture Dump

Some interesting photos coming in this week and last weekend, that merit attention:

In the “photoshopped Enertia Design” category comes this beauty, from Don:


I hereby dub the, “Enertia from the Black Lagoon”

From the Brammovan‘s trek from Aspen to Ashland:



Both of those appear to have been taken on the Bonneville Salt Flats, but no confirmation on that possibility from Brammo.

Over the weekend, @brammodesigner posted this:

What do you call such a gathering?  Herd? Gaggle? Gang? A “Charge of Enertias” is my nomination.

And, just last night, this curious pic from @brammodesigner:


Yes folks, that is a picture of the first “Graphite” colored Enertia.  Check out those knobbies! (thanks, @skadamo).  Looks like someone is planning to play some off-road games.

Finally, in the interest of showing what other electric motorcycle manufacturers are up to, I feel compelled to show these pictures, which were posted yesterday by the Mission Motors folks from their photoshoot, by Douglas Sonders:



It’s in front of a transformer.  Just in case you missed that, there is a sign that says, “High Voltage.”  Get it?

Anyway, she’s lovely.  I like the very sleek lines.  She definitely has a real “let’s get down to the business of moving from Point A to Point B” kind of look.

Oh, and the bike is nice, too.  That bike, the “Mission One,” can be yours today, or rather, can be reserved for $5000 and will be yours upon production for the total price of $68,995.  Or, you could go to your local Best Buy (if you lived in Portland, Oregon) sometime later this month (please?) and buy five Enertias, and still have about $8,000 left over for your electric bill, or some good looking clothing for your urban commute.

By the way, Sonders, the photographer, wanted folks to vote for his dog as the cutest dog in some contest… Okay… so Winston is pretty cute.  However, I still think that Luna, the youngest of my three Boxers, is the cutest.  You be the judge:


She was very tired after trekking through Devil’s Den State Park in Arkansas.  And that concludes our mid-week photo dump.



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Screenshot leaked! Sound Contest Soon?

Thanks to my obsessive-compulsive disorder, and also to CP+B intern @TheMackerman on Twitter, we have the most compelling evidence yet that Brammo will soon be announcing its contest for the default sound for the Enertia.


I will transcribe it verbatim.  Looks like it says (and geeze, do they need a decent editor, or what?!):

Spool Up Sound Contest

The thing about next gen technology is, the world is seldom ready for it.  Since the Brammo Enertia is silent at slow speeds, we thought a friendly “heads-up” might be helpful for the world at large.  So we’re holding a contest to see who can come up a sound the Brammo Enertia could continuously make when it’s traveling between 0 and 10 m.p.h.  Upload a sound.  Could be something you something that already exists, or something you create.  If yours is the most popular, we’ll hook you up with a custom Brammo Alpinestars jacket.  Yes, we could try and come up with a sound ourselves.  But we’re pretty sure planet earth can do better.

Before I get out my red pencil, there are some other observations that can be made from the screen shot.  It looks like a username/password system will be put in place, a “Time Left” countdown clock will be included (counting down to the expiration of the contest, no doubt), and what looks to be a gadget that will allow you to “scroll” through the sounds and vote thumbs up or down on each one.

Do thumbs down votes end up subtracting from the total of thumbs up?  I hope not… that would be a nightmare to tabulate, and a wide open crack for vote manipulation.

But here’s the big shocker: the winner gets a jacket.  What happened to, the winner gets a Brammo Enertia?  Too lazy to go back and look, but I seem to recall Bramscher announcing this intent during one or more interviews.  Maybe they’ll bring it back when they officially announce the contest.  Still, an Alpinestar jacket retails at about $200 bucks, so I need to stop whining.

I’ll give the interns a pass on the editing, for now.  If they want advice from Brammofan, they know how to reach me.  Just pick up the Brammophone and dial B.

Finally, TheMackerman shared the following picture, with what look to be logo ideas, or, perhaps, the scribblings of a disturbed psychopath:


The one on the lower left looks surprisingly similar to the logo on the front of my Brammofan superhero costume.  I’ll have to check with my trademark lawyer to see if I have a cause of action.  Meanwhile, I’m still trying to figure out how he took the picture while holding the drawing with both hands.

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More Signs of Progress toward E-Day

Last week we had pictures of the assembly line.  This week, the following letter went out to those “visionaries” who had placed orders for the first Enertias rolling off that assembly line.  Here’s the letter:

Dear Lucky Bastard (okay, the letter didn’t say that… I did):

As one of the first people to place an order for a BRAMMO Enertia powercycle, you are a visionary. You may not have realized it at the time, (visionaries are usually too busy looking forward to see what’s going on at any particular moment), but the fact remains that you believed in something amazing before it existed.

Now BRAMMO Enertia powercycles begin arriving at select west coast Best Buy stores this summer with broader distribution as we continue to add more dealership locations. In addition, two-year interest-free financing for qualifying Enertia customers will be available through your dealer.


Final production BRAMMO Enertia powercycle

We couldn’t have reached this point without the people – like you – who believed in us from the very beginning. So, to do something special and signify your visionary status, we would like to provide you a limited-edition, personalized Alpinestars-BRAMMO jacket that will only be available to the very first customers who placed and now confirm their Enertia order. This way other motorists will be able to identify you as a visionary.

To confirm your previous pre-order of your BRAMMO Enertia powercycle we’ve set up a dedicated online page for you at

Here is what we need from you:

  • Confirmation details on your Enertia powercycle
  • Jacket size, shirt size and hat size – please provide this information before July 31, 2009
Your confirmation will remain cancellable at any time, and no deposit is required at this time. We will refer your confirmation to a dealer near you when available, who will contact you to arrange for payment and delivery, and financing if you are interested. image003_

Race spec. BRAMMO Enertia TTR powercycle

Because the BRAMMO Enertia powercycle is a plug-in electric vehicle, there are some important savings programs and options that you should be aware of:

  • Federal tax credit
    • Purchasing your Enertia before 12/31/09 makes you eligible for a 10% government tax credit on plug-in electric vehicles, effectively reducing the Enertia purchase price by nearly $1200.
  • State sales tax deduction
    • Purchasing your new Enertia before 12/31/09 may make you eligible for a deduction for state and local sales and excise taxes paid on the purchase price in some states. Check with your tax advisor to determine your eligibility.
  • State-passed stimulus incentives
    • So far, several states are considering plug-in vehicle tax credits for which Enertia buyers may be eligible. Check with your state to see if it has passed this legislation and with your tax advisor to determine your eligibility.
  • BRAMMO Enertia financing
    • 2-year, interest-free financing may be available through dealers for eligible Enertia customers.

On behalf of all of us at BRAMMO, thank you for your order, and mostly, your vision. We are committed to changing the world, two wheels at a time. To find out the latest news, such as our podium finish at the Isle of Man TTXGP motorcycle race, be sure to follow us on TWITTER @BrammoSays and on


Craig Bramscher



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