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Nathan Abbott Video Appeal by Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield

Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, one of the hosts of the EVCast, has just released this video, requesting contributions from folks who want to help Nathan Abbott and his family.  Nathan’s story is pretty well documented here and more generally,  here.  Nikki’s video is short, to the point, and touching.  Here’s a link to the site where you can contribute to his personal cause.

Thanks, Nikki, for expanding this into the video realm, and let’s all keep hoping for Nathan’s recovery.

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Powercycle Diaries: Nathan’s Down

Just heard from comments on his blog and on his Facebook page that Nathan was in an accident and was airlifted to a Portland hospital.  Don’t know much more than this… just keep him in your thoughts and prayers and I will try to update with information.


Latest Brammo Buzz

I’m back from Thanksgiving with my inlaws and my favorite part of the visit was my tour of the Green + Wired House at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.  There, tucked in the garage next to the robotic snow blower (I kid you not) was the Brammo Enertia.  Actually, it was the earlier prototype (tan seat, silver ‘tank,’ and black side panels) but an Enertia, nevertheless.  I flipped up the door on the “tank” to reveal the charging plug and was just about to straddle it when Ms.Brammofan reminded me we were at a museum, and would get in trouble, get kicked out, etc.  Still, we always remember our “first” and at least I had those simple moments of EV lust before I was brought back to reality.

Speaking of reality, the reality is that whether it’s an electric motorcycle or a gas-powered one, you’re going to lose in a contest involving occupying the same space at the same time with almost any other vehicle.  Such was the lesson learned by our beloved Nathan, who is currently alive (yea!) and awake ( yea!) but in a lot of pain in a hospital in Portland, Oregon.  He’s still not out of the dark, so keep him in your thoughts and prayers.  If you have some money you’d care to donate to help defray the lodging costs for his mom while she is in Portland, go to: In addition, there are discussions to join in on and . He’s been mentioned on the EVCast (by Chelsea Sexton, no less) and has an article about him in Wired Autopia.

Finally, Craig Bramscher, Brammo CEO, has been touring China for some . . . uh . . . unknown reason, and just sent a tweet earlier today about dining with Jackie Chan.  Yes, “The” Jackie Chan, who also happens to be an owner of JCAM, the company that distributes the Segway throughout Asia.  Anyone read Mandarin?


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Powercycle Diaries, Day One


Not too much to report so far in the first day of Nathan’s journey from Portland to Atlanta, but here’s what we have so far from a posting on

Apologies for going off radar. Here’s a quickie…

Landed in Portland last night. Dog tired. Raining. Cabbed 2.2 miles to meet David, the Brammo rep @ Best Buy, & handle paperwork. The bike looks awesome, btw… Then I had a Guinness at the hotel bar & sacked out.

Right now, they’re giving the bike a very thorough pre-3800 mile road trip exam (moooon river, using the whole fist doc?). I’ll be heading over in just a few to pick it up & give it a spin. Little chilly but otherwise, the weather’s fine. After the inaugural voyage, i’m coming back to crack the laptop & bust out that blog. Promise.

And this picture as he readies himself for the journey:

Watch for updates as they happen.

Looks like he did indeed start his blog!

And posted this pic of his “ride.”

Also, he has a “google latitude” app running on his page that shows he is in Portland.


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The Powercycle Diaries

Not Nathan, not an Enertia...and not (legally) possible on the single seater.

Nathan is getting ready to fly to Portland tomorrow to pick up his Brammo Enertia at Best Buy.

He will then start riding it home.  He may even ride it a bit farther.

Home, for Nathan, is Atlanta, Georgia.

Here’s his planned route:

Nathan has called himself a “Brammo Fool” and an “idiot.” Here in Brammofan Central, we’re withholding judgment, (although if anyone wants to get in the betting pool on 1. number of days until voyage ends; 2. number of total miles traveled; or 3. amount of ransom requested by the banditos that capture him in Juarez, please leave your contact information in the comments, below.)

Nathan says that part of the inspiration for his ride was the ShockingBarack trip, from Detroit to Washington, D.C.  Brian Wismann wasn’t available for comment, but I imagine he’s hoping for a “fairy tale ending” to this one.

I will, of course, follow his grand adventures across the nation.  What’s not to love about this story?

T-minus 1.5 days until this little 3800 mile, 300 kilowatt, cross-country electric folly kicks off. 49 degrees & raining in Portland but I couldn’t be more excited. Yeah, water & electricity aren’t BFF but when you think about it, life is a risk… and maybe the greatest risk you run in life isn’t dying, but never making time to be alive. Whatev. It’s not every day you get to ride a 65mph computer across the country. Sh**ty motels, here I come. It’s carpe diem time.


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