Your Guide to Tonight’s Brammo Empulse Reveal

Can’t make it to Los Angeles to watch the unveiling of the Brammo Empulse electric motorcycle? Or maybe you’re there but don’t have a thing to wear? Or didn’t score an invite?
No worries. Tune in with the rest of us who will be watching it from the comfort or our mother’s basement, or living room, or internet cafe, etc.

The Main Stage:
This is where you can watch the event unfold. Livestream has its own chat sidebar, but we’ll be keeping our eyes on the twitter stream that will be running hot, all night long. Want to see your witty suggestions about a 25 mile long extension cord or playing cards in the spokes show up on the page? Make sure to use the hashtags #Brammo #Empulse in your tweet. Not sure what a hashtag or tweet is? Go back to and we’ll educate you, tomorrow.

The Sideshow:
Twitter – use those hashtags! Follow @BrammoSays, the official voice of Brammo. Other Brammo voices, include, but are not limited to: @BrammoCraig – the big guy, CEO Craig Bramscher. Not sure if he’ll be tweeting much tonight, but you never know. @BrammoDesigner – Director of Product Development Brian Wismann. @BrammoPAnton – Peter Anton – the new guy, head of social media and the only guy I know to ride two-up with an internet starlet. (See: )

Facebook –

Google + – Keep an eye on the Brammo page for pop-up watch parties in Google Hangouts. Also, the Brammofan page might have a link or two:

The REAL fans, however, will be dissecting everything over on the Brammo Owners Forum – . Likely, we’ll be in the Brammo Empulse subforum. You don’t have to join to read the discussion, but you do have to join if you want to give your two cents.

I’ll update this post if anything else especially relevant comes to mind. If you don’t hear from me here, you should know, by now, where to find me. I’ll be the one drooling over Empulse, of course.

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