Gavin’s VERY detailed Brammo Enertia review

One of the more active (and vocal) members of the Brammo Owners Forum has written a novella about his experience with the Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle. The company let him take it on a test ride that can fairly be described as “extended.”  It may be lengthy, but it’s an easy read and a recommended read for anyone considering making the switch to electric vehicles and, specifically to a Brammo bike.




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  1. #1 by Gavin on December 6, 2011 - 12:26 pm

    thanks for putting it up…sorry for the length…i tend to “ramble”…or as my wife would say, “go on and on and on”


  2. #2 by akismet-15964a71ddfef7d801a1dd041b51b409 on December 16, 2011 - 12:39 am

    That review was “Hella” entertaining Gavin! Good stuff! Cant wait to do a slightly less (who am i kidding, much less) entertaining review on the my Empulse when I get one… BTW, It takes some serious dedication to ride in weather like this. (I assume its similar to what we have been getting.)

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