Autumn in Ashland; Brammo Gets Raking

According to a Form D (Notice of Exempt Filing of Securities) filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission this week, Brammo has secured another $5.2 million in last year’s $30 million offering of Series B funding.  See prior posts on this: Brammo News: Sounds like KA-CHING and Brammo Private Offering – Who’s Who.  Back then, the offering had $12 million in subscribers and was looking for another $17 million to round out the series.  Those figures have swapped positions as of this week, showing some progress toward closing out the funding.  Other than the change in those figures, there are no other notable changes between last year’s Form D and the current one.

Under the “Related Persons” of the form are the following individuals, listed as Directors:

Craig Bramscher, (also listed as Executive Officer), the CEO of Brammo.

Kuk Yi is a Vice President at Best Buy and is also a Managing Partner at Best Buy Capital.  Best Buy Capital, the Venture Capital arm of Best Buy, was a major part of the $10 million  Series A offering Brammo received in 2008.

Brian Wawro is the Senior Vice President of Investments at Chrysalix Energy, the other VC fund that provided a sizable chunk of Brammo’s 2008 funding.

Bruce Gilpin is the Chief Financial Officer of Brammo.

David Kurtz  – According to Sustainable Business Oregon, Kurtz is with Alpine Inc., an oil and gas investment firm out of Oklahoma.



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