North American TTXGP Champions: Brammo

Congratulations to Brammo for winning the necessary points in the TTXGP North American series to allow it to clinch the title of “Champion.”

As I described in this post, Brammo needed to finish last weekend’s race at Miller Motorsports Park with a 7th or better placement — and this, only to defend against Mission Motors’ attack on the title.

Now we know that:

1. Mission Motors did not show at Miller

2. Brammo finished 3rd, behind first place (and new TTXGP participant) MotoCzysz, and second place Lightning.

3. There was no way for Brammo to finish the race and end up in any worse position than fifth (sixth, if the second Lightning bike had finished the race).

In the graphic, above, the points for Miller have not been posted but Brammo earned an additional 16 points for its third place finish, giving it a total of 57 points.  MotoElectra got another 13 points for its fourth place finish, giving it a total of 46 points and the Second Place North American Championship title.  Lightning received another 20 points, giving it a total of 45 points, and the Third Place title.  Lightning, once again, “missed it by THAT much” and, no doubt sorely regrets not competing in the race at Infineon in June 2011.

Congratulations to the Brammo Racing Team and rider Steve Atlas for putting on a consistent and reliable effort this season!

What does it mean?

The accomplishment represented by Brammo holding the “TTXGP North American Champion” title can be attributed to the spirit behind this comment by Brammo’s Brian Wismann from a post on the Brammo Owners Forum:

It’s been a great season and it was truly a team effort combined with a rock solid reliable race bike that made the championship a possibility.

Wismann would be the first to admit that the Empulse RR was not the fastest bike in the TTXGP paddock.  He and the team changed the gearing to take advantage of the bike’s available power but in the end, it was no match for the faster, one-off bikes of Mission, MotoCzysz and Lightning.  But, as they say, showing up is half the battle.  Here, it was showing up + finishing + staying in the game that gave Brammo the much-deserved title of champion.  As Wismann said,

Rest assured this technology will hit the street with the Empulse production bike and next year’s race bike will move our performance on to the next level!  What an exciting time to be involved with electric motorcycles!

Keep watching this space for more news and amazing developments that Brammo intends to share in the coming weeks.  No laurel-resting here.  There is work to be done.



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  1. #1 by David Herron on September 22, 2011 - 10:32 am

    There’s a disconnect between the needs of the various companies for their product R&D, and the needs of the racing series to hold exciting races. Mission has made it clear they’re R&D value of going to a race, and they’re totally focused on OEM sales of components (Warburg Invests in Mission Motors, they’re now focusing on OEM customers).

    Lightning’s bike isn’t exactly a one-off. Last years bike WAS a one-off but was a prototype for this years bike. In this years bike it’s a completely custom frame design, custom motor, and everything is in CAD files so they can produce parts and build bikes any time they want. At Miller they ran with two of what was supposed to be identical bikes. Unfortunately one of the bikes broke a chain. In any case, during the week they were at Bonneville Lightning announced they would begin selling their bike:- Lightning Motorcycles to launch the fastest production motorcycle in the world

    Race report: MotoCzysz sizzles in TTXGP Finale, while Brammo wins the championship

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