Brammo – Still #1 in North American TTXGP Class

According to the Official Results page at, Brammo still holds on to first place in the North American TTXGP standings:

With Mission Motors’ decisive win at Laguna Seca on Sunday, and Brammo coming in fourth, you may ask how this result could have been reached.  The TTXGP rules specify that first place in each race is awarded 25 points, second place 20 points, and third place 16 points.  Although Brammo placed first at Infineon Raceway in June, Mission did not participate in that race.  Brammo – 25 points. Mission 0 points.

Brammo was awarded third place points (16) under the TTXGP rules because the second place finisher, MotoCzysz, was only entered in the FIM e-Power series and was not a TTXGP entry.  Thus, Brammo was the third TTXGP motorcycle to cross the finish line at Laguna Seca.

Even if Brammo had been the fourth TTXGP bike to cross the line, it would remain in first place in the Class Standings, with a total of 38 (25 + 13) points.  In fact, if there had been 15 TTXGP bikes and Brammo had come in 15th place, it would remain the North American leader with 26 points to Mission’s 25.  The Point System for the TTXGP series is provided to each of the teams, but is somewhat hard to find on the site.  Nevertheless, for the sake of posterity, here it is:


The Team and Rider Championships will be decided on points as detailed below. The championship points at each round will be as follows for each team (machine) entered and for each rider:

To the Winner:
25 points
7 Points
20 points
6 points
16 points
5 points
13 points
4 points
11 points
3 points
10 points
2 points
9 points
1 points
8 points

Before you torch-wielding Mission fans (and herein, I happily state I consider myself a member of this group, minus the torch) cry “FOUL!” and prepare to storm the castle, consider the fact that Mission did make an appearance at the Infineon round, but chose not to race.  A consequence of that choice is that it can not claim to be the champion of the continent.  It was a consequence that they had to be aware of at the time, as the point system has been in existence since the beginning of TTXGP’s 2010 series. That’s racing.

But let’s take this a hypothetical step farther:  Although, as of the writing of this post, TTXGP has not announced a third and final round to replace the scuttled VIR race that had been scheduled for August 14, 2011, let’s assume a replacement round is scheduled for later this season.  Let’s further assume that Mission and Brammo both race.  And finally, let’s assume that Mission continues to dominate the track with their guided rocket on wheels, the Mission R, and comes in first place.  The only ways Mission can clinch the North American Championship are:

  1. Brammo does not start.
  2. Brammo does not finish.
  3. Brammo comes in eighth place or worse, earning only 8 or fewer points.

While #1 and #2, above, are certainly possible (recall with me, in sadness, Brammo’s DNS in last year’s contest at Laguna Seca due to a mechanical failure), it is far less likely that #3 could occur, given the limited number of electric racing motorcycles out there and the fact that, in the TTXGP series, Brammo could quite easily place third.  The only other TTXGP bike faster than Brammo appears to be Richard Hatfield’s  Lightning motorcycle.

Brammo folks freely admit that there is nothing they can do, short of a completely new motor and controller design (not likely, but not outside the realm of possibility), that could result in them beating the Mission R’s current alien technology  configuration.  However, points is points and the fact remains that Brammo is #1 and is likely to retain that title for the 2011 TTXGP North American Class.



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  1. #1 by Richard on August 2, 2011 - 6:10 pm

    As much as I have to agree that Mission R is a really incredible machine that is much faster than Brammo’s Empulse RR, there’s a lot to be said for a machine that can start and finish a race. I’m very impressed that the Empulse was able to do so well, considering that at heart it’s a “production” motorcycle with budget limitations, but I’m also delighted that Mission R is showing us all what is possible.

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