Brammo and TTXGP: By Our Powers Combined . . .

“Hey, you got chocolate on my peanut butter!”

“Hey, you got peanut butter on my chocolate!”

The humble beginnings of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Remember those care free days when we strolled down the street, enjoying our jars of peanut butter?  And remember when we collided with someone enjoying their chocolate bar, only to discover that these two great tastes, combined, made something better than the sum of its parts?

Now, imagine another collision:

Craig Bramscher, CEO of Brammo, gliding silently down the street on an Empulse.

Azhar Hussain, CEO of TTXGP, riding silently down an intersecting street on his Mavizen, in full race livery.

Bam!  (They were both going slowly, so no CEOs were harmed in this imagined scenario).

“Hey, you got TTXGP on my Brammo!”

“I say old chap, you got Brammo on my TTXGP!”

The beginning of a "grand alliance" (Drawing courtesy of Brammo's new wunderkind, Greg Stoermer)

What can a Brammofan say upon hearing the news that two of his favorite companies are coming together to create something that will represent the best of both?  I’m verklempt.  Talk amongst yourselves.  And while you’re at it, read the press release, after the break.

NOT the official Empulse TTX logo.

– For Immediate Release –

Brammo and TTXGP Announce a Groundbreaking Partnership to Grow Electric Motorsport.


Ashland, USA, and London, UK, July 23, 2011 – Brammo, Inc. a global leader in the electric motorcycle business and TTXGP the global leader in electric motorsport and the pioneer of zero-carbon emission free motorcycle motorsport, today announced a strategic partnership.

Brammo, will be developing a racing version of its six speed Empulse, called the Empulse TTX for exclusive use of teams racing in the TTXGP World Championship 2013 worldwide programme.  Teams racing the Empulse TTX will have an affordable, accessible race ready platform built with the latest technology and manufactured to the highest quality standards. This Empulse TTX race package includes:

  • Full race kit – fairing / headlight removal / associated safety systems ensuring homologation with TTXGP Technical Rules
  • One season of entry fees to a feed championship for the TTXGP World Final 2013
  • Trackside technical support by Brammo factory-trained technicians
  • Logistical support of Empulse TTX to all events
  • Range of race performance upgrades to the setup

Bartels, the newest dealership for Brammo’s award-winning electric motorcycle in Los Angeles, is looking forward to competing in the 2013 TTXGP North America Championship.

Bill Bartels, founder and owner of Bartels stated, “I’m excited to be part of the evolution of motorcycle racing to clean, green electrics. It’s a very exciting time to be involved in motorsports. Our Brammo Empulse TTX race team will connect our customers and employees with competition that will change perceptions and knowledge.”

Azhar Hussain, the CEO of TTXGP, was thrilled at the alliance with Brammo saying,  “When Brammo were a part of the inaugural TTXGP on the Isle of Man in 2009, we all developed a deep respect for their commitment to zero-carbon motorsport.  It’s going to be a grand alliance – something that, in retrospect, will see us crossing another milestone in the history of electric vehicle racing.”

“This is about growing the grid and democratizing our series to make it accessible for new teams to join the next generation of motorsport.  With the Empulse TTX, being part of TTXGP it just gets easier.”

Brammo’s Director of Product Development, Brian Wismann, said, “Having been deeply involved with TTXGP since the inaugural event has allowed us to see vehicle technology and the sport develop at an incredible pace.  The Empulse street bike was a direct result from this early entry into electric motorcycle racing and now we have an awesome opportunity to run full circle and take the Empulse back to its birthplace with the Empulse TTX.”

Wismann continued, “Ever since we met Azhar and his team, we have been impressed with the drive and development of the TTXGP organization and the progress the teams are making in pushing the sport forward not just for Brammo, but also for the industry. We are proud to be part of this TTXGP initiative. It’s good for us, good for our industry and good for our sport.”

TTXGP and Brammo added that riders racing the Empulse TTX in the TTXGP 2013 series will be eligible for cash prizes in each race in addition to performance-based scoring that will count towards and culminate in the award of the prestigious Brammo Cup. The TTXGP World Championship remains committed to an open platform and not a single make series.

To register your interest and follow the latest information for the Empulse TTX you can go to or follow us @EmpulseTTX


About Brammo


Brammo Inc is a leading electric vehicle technology company headquartered in North America. Brammo designs and develops electric vehicles including the Encite, Enertia, Empulse and Engage motorcycles. Brammo is an OEM supplier of its innovative Brammo Digital Drivetrain™ systems including the Brammo Power™ battery pack and Brammo Power™ vehicle management system. Brammo has vehicle distribution and marketing operations in North America, Europe and Asia. To learn more visit


TTXGP, the eGrandPrix is an international race series providing a high profile platform for the development of electric vehicles. Using motorcycles as a resource effective development platform, TTXGP enables the futuristic technology behind them to be tested in an exciting and challenging way. TTXGP aims to drive low carbon technological innovation forward, to demonstrate that clean-emission transport technologies have matured and can be fun, fast and exciting. To learn more visit

About Mavizen

Mavizen is a race technical support function of the TTXGP eGrandPrix. It provides race and logistical support for teams to make the grid and be part of the next generation of motorsport. As well as Brammo, Mavizen also operates as the exclusive worldwide agent for A123 Systems for motorcycling motorsport. To learn more visit



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