Brammo Empulse – It’s Just Right

From an article about the Brammo Empulse (and other) electric motorcycles that appeared in a magazine from the Great White North:

Model: Brammo Empulse
Price: $9,995-$13,995
Top speed: 100 mph (160 kmh)
The Goldilocks model, it’s neither too small nor too big.
The Empulse is a more substantial bike than the Zero S,
(weight varies from 360-420 lbs.) but nowhere near the cost
of The Sora. Brammo offers models with an average range
of 60-100 miles. The styling says Ducati but the noise level
says electric.





  1. #1 by SuperChan Blog on June 29, 2011 - 10:55 am

    Now that’s pretty hot stuff! ME LIKE!!!

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