Brammo visiting BMW in Munich?

Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher and Product Designer Brian Wismann are visiting friends in Munich, Germany.

Wismann getting grilled

Meanwhile, according to an article in Motorcyclist Magazine (article not online yet – but at newsstands everywhere), BMW is “committed to electric-drive technology, and anticipates being the first major motorcycle manufacturer to market an e-bike”. Alan Cathcart interviewed Hendrik von Kuenheim, the president of BMW Motorrad, who had this to say about BMW’s EV plans: “Within three years, BMW will become the premier provider of electric vehicles”. The company is fully committed to this, and there will be spin-offs for the motorcycle division“.

If you think there might be some hard feelings between BMW and Brammo, you might want to keep an open mind.  Why?  Let’s throw some other Brammo connections into the mix.  Last year Brammo announced an agreement with Flextronics to handle manufacturing in Europe and Asia.  Flextronics has been a supplier for BMW for many years.

Meanwhile, Brammo has been developing its own, proprietary battery for its bikes . . . and for other vehicles of course.  See “Brammo Power.”  Besides building its Enertia Plus bikes, might Flextronics be working on Brammo Power batteries for BMW’s motorcycles?

Disclaimer: I truly have no idea what I’m talking about.  I am not a journalist. Mind the gap.



  1. #1 by skadamo on June 9, 2011 - 1:02 pm

    Great insights and dot connecting as usual!

  2. #2 by EmpulseBuyer on June 13, 2011 - 10:21 am

    May be a Tesla / Daimler like deal in the works between Brammo and BMW. Very interesting!

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