Time for a Brammo Beer Run

In local news, it turns out that my favorite Kansas City brewery, Boulevard Brewing Company, has just installed a charger for EVs.

 “Boulevard’s ChargePoint charging station, installed at its Kansas City, Mo., headquarters, is available to employees and visitors, and is a key part of the brewery’s sustainability efforts toward achieving a cleaner community.  Sale of the ChargePoint charging station was completed by LilyPad EV via Coulomb’s Midwest/Chicago distributor Carbon Day Automotive.”

Boulevard's charging station.

I think a trip to the brewery is in order, and although it is located within an easy “roundtrip with no need to recharge” area, it would be nice to top off my batteries while I’m there.

Of course, it raises the question of what to do while I wait for the bike to recharge?

What's a responsible biker to do?

If only I had some of those sweet Givi bags to bring some of this nectar-o’-the-gods home.



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  1. #1 by Cameron Brown on April 23, 2011 - 10:33 am

    That could be a nice stop on the way back when you get caught a few miles further out than originally planned. Getting range anxiety? C’mon over, plug in and juice up for the last miles home. (Just don’t juice up too much)

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