Brammo’s new top speed: 500 mph

From a planespotter at the Ashland Muni-sumner Parker Field, an airport located a mere five minutes away from Brammo’s headquarters, comes this photo of a 1998 Gulfstream 450 with a rather curious logo on the tail:

Proud bird with the bullish tail

After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I made some calls to investigate whether this was real or not.

According to my sources, Brammo had been considering moving its headquarters away from its isolated location in Ashland to a more accessible location in San Francisco, California.  A deal to purchase a building at 1140 Harrison Street was in the final stages when a cost-benefit study was produced to the group by an intern.

“The intern, on her own, had calculated the costs of ownership of the facility, down to the increased cost of living of each of our current employees.  She concluded that the main reason for the move, Ashland’s commercial isolation, could be more effectively dealt with by purchasing a corporate jet.  If, in addition to have the CEO using it to ferry investors around — a typical use-case for such a jet — we used it to send techs to conduct dealer training, for instance, and a host of other uses, it actually makes good business sense.  Plus, when we are not using it for Brammo business, we can charter it out.”

The Gulfstream jet was owned previously by a New Jersey bank which bought a newer model.  “We got it for a song, really,” according to my source.

I asked whether it will be used to transport any fully-assembled motorcycles to their destinations.

“Funny you should ask. We were assured by the seller that, indeed, it had been used for this purpose, as one of our Enertias was purchased by the “Make a Dream Come True Foundation” following a request by someone to ride an electric motorcycle up Pikes Peak.  The Foundation loaded the Enertia successfully through the passenger door.  But this will not be a primary use for the jet in our case. “

More information on its way… be sure to stay tuned in.



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  1. #1 by Domenick on April 1, 2011 - 9:37 am

    It wasn’t me.

  2. #2 by Robert on April 22, 2011 - 3:12 pm

    I can’t believe this is true. This intern’s analysis, if real, is so completely off base it’s hilarious. It sounds like the CEO just thought it’d be cool to have a jet. Investors will come to you if you’ve got something worth investing in, and they probably don’t want to see waste. Would any other company send a tech out on a GulfStream instead of a discount airline? That is pure and simple irresponsible bubble behavior. Might as well serve Cristal out of the Alhambra cooler and wipe with hundred dollar bills. Brammo’s main isolation problem isn’t in getting techs to customer sites. They already have access to an airport with commercial flights out every day, just like they would at SFO. The problem is that Brammo already employs every smart person in Ashland, and convincing new talent to move there is a tough sell.

    • #3 by brammofan on April 22, 2011 - 3:17 pm

      Dude. Check the date this post appeared.

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