New City Range Test Procedures for 2 wheeled EVs

Coming soon to a label near you will be a few numbers that might help you with a realistic estimate of the range of an electric motorcycle.  The Motorcycle Industry Council has just released new procedures to be followed to test the range of these bikes:

In order to provide consumers with consistent and representative values for the driving range of highway electric motorcycles used in urban areas, the MIC Electric Vehicle Task Force has adopted this procedure, which is to be used in advertising the range ofvehicles offered for sale. The procedure is based on the Urban All-Electric Range test procedure used for electric cars under California and federal regulations. The procedure determines the range, expressed in miles or kilometers, for stop-and-go operation representative of riding in an urban area over a variety of roads and traffic conditions.

If you’re like me (poor ba$tard), you’ll want to spend your weekend perusing this new procedure, set forth below:

Just when you thought a “cold soak” was something you did to take your mind off the naughty track, you’ll learn that it has nothing to do with that at all.

Thanks to the MIC, a “not-for-profit, national trade association created to promote and preserve motorcycling and the U.S. motorcycle industry” for formulating this test which should provide a better idea of what to expect when comparing the various offerings in the electric motorcycle world.

Come on, Brammo… how do you rate?



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