Brammo – Silent Stalker of Sasquatch

Why is it so difficult to sneak up on Bigfoot? It’s obvious to me that he has excellent hearing, allowing him time to avoid approaching photographers . . . or hunters.

Shhh. Be vewwy vewwy quiet. . .

The roar (or purr) of an internal combustion engine sends Sasquatch into the deep underbrush.  He knows that he has to vamoose when he hears one of those dino-juice-burners approaching.

But what’s going to happen when you go down to the woods today with a clean, green, silent bike, like one of these?:

What happens is that you might sneak up on one of the biggest mysteries of North America, as seen and heard during this short, blurry movie:

Maybe, however, if you had a better camera, like the one seen on these bikes…:

Detail of above photo

…you might get a better shot of the big lug.

If you’re patient, you might even be able to catch enough footage to put together a whole television show about the biped, and maybe even air it on something like, I dunno… Animal Planet?

What’s going on here?:

and here?:

Maybe there are some more clues to be found with some sort of search.  You never know.


I was just going through some old photos of mine and discovered a familiar blurry shape in the background:

Check out what's coming around from the back corner of the house.



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