Differences between the Enertia and the Enertia Plus

This list of differences just dropped in, authored by BrammoBrian of the Brammo Owners Forum, a/k/a Brian Wismann, Brammo’s Director of Product Development.

The main differences between the Enertia “Basic” and the Enertia Plus are:

1. New Brammo Power battery providing roughly twice the range.  Yes, new chemistry.  There are now 2 large battery modules rather than the six smaller ones in the Enertia Basic.  The chemistry in the Enertia Basic is Lithium Iron Phosphate.  The chemistry in the Enertia Plus is Lithium NCM (Nickel Cobalt Manganese Oxide), sometimes referred to as Lithium “mixed metal oxide”.  Both chemistries are well known for their safety and very good life cycle performance.  The Lithium NCM has the benefit of greater energy density, which is how we achieve more capacity for the same weight.

2. New motor controller allows for greater configuration options and more robust communications with our VCU (vehicle control unit).  This change is mostly transparent to the customer, but may provide more room for growth into “sport” or “economy” driving maps in the future.

3. New forged triple clamp with much improved steering lock and slightly modified geometry and ergonomics.  Reduced trail plus the increased lock makes for a dramatic improvement to low-speed maneuverability without sacrificing stability at speed.  Bar position is roughly 1″ higher and 1″ back towards the rider which was judged to be more comfortable for all variety of rider sizes.

4. New cast aluminum headlamp brackets clean up the aesthetic of the front end AND make servicing to any of the parts in that assembly much easier (i.e. more room for tools).  They also reposition the dash closer to the triple clamp and change the angle slightly. The new brackets were also planned to accept accessories like the windscreen with a simple bolt-on kit.

5. New colors – Aluminium Silver, True Blood Red, Eclipsed Black, and Peacekeeping Blue.  The old colors will not be available on the Plus.   Black is greatly preferred based on pre-orders.

6. Upgraded motor – This is still in final validation testing.  The power level is the same, but the motor features greater efficiency which reduces the heat generated, allowing more performance to be pulled out of the bike before it reaches thermal cutback temperature where current delivery starts to be reduced.

7. Auto-start module integration – The bike now starts with the key switch and does not require the button press.  Button has been replaced with a nice stamped aluminum Brammo bull head badge.  The bike also charges when plugged in to AC power.  No special key position or steps required.   Fork does not need to be locked in order to charge.

8. New mirrors, new grips and bar ends.



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  1. #1 by Gavin on March 4, 2011 - 2:39 pm

    Yeah…good stuff…ready for mine whenever Brammo is 🙂

    I almost always change out my grips as bikes usually come with very cheap ones…if these new ones are nice, I might not have to do that 🙂

    Any option to have the boomerangs painted at the shop? Would like the Black with either white, grey or blue on the boomerangs…really want white with blue boomerangs, but seems the Plus won’t come in white…oh well, not a deal breaker

    Thanks for the info!!!


  2. #2 by jim on March 5, 2011 - 2:49 am

    I can’t wait to own a brammo electric bike! The range and speed improvements are just right!

  3. #3 by Cameron Brown on March 6, 2011 - 1:08 am

    Putting the money for the Empulse in the budget to save up and pay cash in about 2 years. Seeing how fast the improvements and upgrades are coming makes me really excited to see what’s going to be available when I have the cash on hand. In the mean time, I’ll keep up with your blog and the news stories that come out.

  4. #4 by mtajudy on March 6, 2011 - 11:18 pm

    I cant decide if I want to trade up to the Enertia Plus or the Empulse. I sat on one and it was soooo nice. I am torn…..

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