Brammo Empulse shines in Article

UPDATE:  Article included on CycleWorld’s website, here.

In an article in a leading magazine that covers motorcycles, motorcycling and the world of motor-bikes, (rhymes with “Mike’ll Furled”), is an article featuring the Brammo Empulse on its opening pages.  The article contains much of the same information we’ve seen time and time again from the traditional I.C.E motorcycle press — range and speed and cost are limiting factors.  But if you need something to read on a flight, or in the can, or on the bus, or in the waiting room, it’s visually stunning and mildly entertaining.

More information posted on the Brammo Owners Forum.

While I’m on the subject, it’s time for today’s “things that make you go, hmmm.”  I happen to know that the April issue of CW also has a great piece of writing by Peter Egan about Mark Gardiner’s book, “Riding Man.”  I looked for it on Cycle World’s nightmare of a website and couldn’t find so much as a mention of it.  It became apparent that none of Mr. Egan’s columns appear on the site.  I asked CW about it and they said that Egan’s articles are not posted online.  I know that CW “gots to get paid,” but where is the logic behind not posting this great stuff online?  Other sites have figured out how to charge for “freemium” service or outright paid subscriptions.  Why not CW?



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  1. #1 by ZoomSmith on March 3, 2011 - 11:39 pm

    Their only marketable asset (Egan) is not published online? Sheer marketing genius.
    No wonder their circulation is in the toilet.

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