Brammo Newsletter Clues to Ponder

Brammo just released its latest newsletter, and it contains a couple passages to make you go, “hmmm.”

2011 Models

Brammo says this about its upcoming products:

A huge thank you to the many hundreds of customers who have pre-ordered Brammo motorcycles. As you know we are working to get our US and European assembly facilities up to speed while closing our series B round of financing here in the USA.

We expect to be contacting all those customers who pre-ordered motorcycles very shortly with news regarding production schedules. We truly appreciate your confidence in Brammo and your desire to own a thoroughbred Brammo motorcycle.

(emphasis added). It sounds as if news about the Empulse and the Enertia Plus is on the horizon.  Over on the Brammo Owners Forum, the speculation has been pretty crazy – kind of funny how people will take any random tweet or passage in a press release and run with it. Go figure.  Additionally, the “working to get our US and European assembly facilities up to speed” is a promising bit of news.  After the announcement of the partnership with Flextronics, we hadn’t heard much more than some rumors about one of the assembly facilities being located in Hungary.

The newsletter also promoted a partnership of sorts with a supplier of solar charging stations, Sun Storage:

Brammo Enertia soaking up the rays

Sun Storage is a renewable energy company based at the foot of the Wallowa Mountains in Northeastern Oregon. They are a recognized industry leader in solar photovoltaic frame and racking systems. Sun Storage creates complete solar solutions for owners of Brammo motorcycles. During daylight hours your solar array generates electricity and feeds it into the grid when demand is at its highest. Then overnight you can recharge your Enertia by drawing power from the grid when demand is relatively low. To learn more about Sun Storage and how you can make your Brammo motorcycle solar powered please visit Sun Storage.
To learn more about how you can Go Green with Brammo, please visitGo Green.

The thing I love about this is the possibility of true zero-emissions operation for your Enertia.  When people who scoff at the “zero-emissions” designation because “electricity comes from coal-fired power plants,” I always say, “but at least electric vehicles have the potential for zer0-emissions charging if you can channel your energy from solar or wind sources.  How great would it be to show them the picture, above, and say, “this is how I charge my bike.”

The newsletter also contained some news about financing:

We are very excited about the partnership between Brammo and netLoan funding. Brammo has teamed up with netLoan to offer financing on all available Brammo models and accessories to Brammo customers.

  • Get Pre-Approved For Credit Before You Shop
  • Money As Soon As The Next Business Day For Qualifying Credits
  • Available Loan Products Matched To Your Credit Profile
  • Simple On-Line Applications
  • Competitive Rates

The netLoan online application allows you to fill out a quick, easy funding profile that is used to instantly display all of the financing options available from one or more participating lenders.

Finally, a link to the Brammo Webstore rounded up the newsletter with promises of “Enertia and Enertia Plus parts and accessories.”



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  1. #1 by Tron Jockey on February 23, 2011 - 5:25 pm

    Teasers indeed! One-time hopeful Aptera gave similar teasers while sitting on my deposit for two years. At least Brammo is shipping Enertias, even if the Empulse remains elusive. Aptera has yet to ship a single pre-ordered vehicle, and at this point they’ve missed the boat with the entry of old guard vehicle makers into the EV market.

    Hoping for better things from Brammo.

  2. #2 by Gavin on February 24, 2011 - 5:36 pm

    Ha, Aptera had my 500 bucks for 2 years too. 🙂

    So far Brammo hasn’t asked for any money, but I would like to give them some ASAP in exchange for a Enertia Plus in my Garage…And I do have solar panels…so my ride will be emissions free 🙂


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