Brammo Rider “Domesticated Violence”

This is not a post about spousal abuse.  It will, however, be filled with bruises, rough talk, and some spanking.

First, an introduction to “Domesticated Violence.”  Not a typo – that’s her name.  And here she is:

Domesticated Violence, Blocker for the Break Neck Betties

Domesticated Violence (let’s call her DV, for short), is a blocker for the “Break Neck Betties,” one of the nine teams under Portland, Oregon’s roller derby league known as the Rose City Rollers.  If you recall, I’ve written a couple of posts about them.

DV was the rider of the Brammo Enertia for the “Black” team in the photo shoot for the Icon catalog.  She was kind enough to answer some questions I had about the shoot.

The Spanking

Not what you think.  In its article about the photoshoot HellforLeather posted this photo:

HellForLeather stated,  “Well, it turns out that while ditching internal combustion eliminates the risk of a pipe burn, it adds the risk of an electric motor burn. Which, when combined with fishnet stockings results in this interesting burn pattern.”

Actually, this mark, according to DV, on whose knee it appears, is a “rink rash”:

We rode these bikes on our actual track that we play roller derby on. It is a “sport court” made of 1 sq ft plastic tiles. What you are seeing in that picture of my knee is bruising (from the impact of the fall) and the patterned scab is where my fishnet covered knee rubbed against our flooring (we like to call it “rink rash”) and rubbed away the skin. It makes for a lovely scar later. So no pipe burn happening here.

Consider yourself spanked, HFL.  I’m sure it smarts, so maybe it’s time for an a$$ rub.

The History of Domesticated Violence . . . on two wheels

I asked DV what she’s been riding, on for how long:

Well, technically I started riding motorcycles about 11 years ago but I haven’t ridden consistently during that time period. I had a street bike when I lived in LA and I also rode dirt bikes. When I moved to Portland, I sold my bikes and dropped my motorcycle endorsement. I just bought myself a second bike back in May of 2009 (1979 Suzuki G450 converted to a nice cafe racer) but I haven’t had much luck with it. The throttle is a bit sticky (as in you are either stalling or popping the wheel) so it’s sitting in my garage for now. When I first heard about the Enertia I have to admit I was skeptical but after seeing it and riding it, it definitely grabbed my interest. Although the one I saw was modified for the shoot…. I would definitely ride one around town.

Anyone in Portland want to help this poor waif with some wrenching? Post it up in the comments, below.

DV on her EV

DV on the concept and reality of Rollerball

I asked DV about using motorcycles to help the Jammers get up to speed and whether it seemed possible:

Well I think the concept the Icon guys came up with was pretty cool. It’s pretty far fetched to actually have a bike help a game of roller derby. One thing we noticed during the shoot was that the extra weight on the tow bar was really screwing with the rider’s control of the bike. I mean these girls are skating around while holding onto that bar. I could definitely feel it having an impact on my control of the bike. Keep in mind we were going pretty slow as our track is very small and tight so I think the effect was compounded.

Finally, because you asked, here’s all you need to know about DV, from the Rose City Rollers website:

Name: Domesticated Violence (Captain)
Number: 10-16 on your home scanner
Position: Blockin’ your life and Jammin’ it down your throat.
Lap Time: As long as the spanking takes.
Fav Move: The “Tonya Harding” & The Hustle.
Likes: Vodka, vicodin & violence, neighbors who mind their own damn business, winning, first place, and trophies.
Dislikes: Cooking, cleaning, wet pavement, stripped axles, police sirens, the drunk tank, and losing.
Fav Color: Black & Blue with Red all over.
Fav Food: Thigh bones & raw meat.
Sign: Scorpio – isn’t it obvious?
PrMotto: “If it ain’t broke… SMASH IT!”



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