Cool Decals – But can you do better?

Brammo’s website just added these decals to its store:

Decals - $49.99 in the Brammo Store

The decals are described as:

These exclusive Brammo Velocita decals were designed by Sirlin Enterprises specifically for the Brammo Enertia and Enertia Plus. Available in four colors: Black, Green, Orange and Blue. These decals complement the styling and colors of your Brammo motorcycle.

Why not make the minimum 37 pieces?

They are certainly attractive and, if you’re so inclined, they add some color to the center of the body of the Enertia.  I don’t mind the “black hole” on my bike, which is mostly blue, but on the Enertia Plus prototype in the picture, above, it definitely adds some flair.


But what if you’re so inclined — to add some flair — and you’re a frustrated out-of-work designer who is tired of living in the basement of your parents’ house, or in a van down by the river?  Maybe you have some creative ideas bouncing around inside your head and, when you look at the Enertia, you see something else entirely?  Maybe you’d like to try your hand at Photoshop or Illustrator or the good ol’ analog pencil  – pen – or brush?

Now is your chance.  Below, you will find a line drawing of the side view of a Brammo Enertia.  See the two side panels – one above and one below the diagonal line of the frame?  There is your carte blanche, your canvas, your as-yet-untouched future masterpiece.

Enertia sideview - click it to go to the full-size image.

Contest Rules

Winner will receive a Brammo Cap (a $19.99 value!), the thanks of a grateful nation, and nothing else.  You may submit more than one image. Brammofan reserves the right to publish and republish your image until he is no longer amused by it. Submit images attached to emails addressed to: harryisafunnyman at . Brammofan reserves the right to NOT publish images which he finds, in his own discretion, are disgusting, rude, abominable, ugly, stupid, pornographic or which may incite violence.  Brammofan reserves the right to determine more than one winner, or no winner.  Winning does NOT mean that your design will be chosen by Brammo or Sirlin Enterprises to be an actual decal.  Brammofan reserves the right to add more rules as he sees fit.

What are you waiting for? The contest closes on Valentine’s Day (that’s February 14, Domenick) (UPDATED: ENTRY DEADLINE EXTENDED UNTIL FEBRUARY 28) so get busy and work on it in between planning your romantic dinner, pasting construction paper hearts on the shoebox on your desk, and writing “Mrs. Justin Bieber” over and over again in your diary.



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  1. #1 by domenick on February 4, 2011 - 2:22 pm

    How did you know I suffer from Bieber fever? You have a radio transmitter hidden in my braces, don’t you. GET OUT OF MY HEAD!
    Also, pass me that hammer.

    • #2 by brammofan on February 4, 2011 - 2:28 pm

      Don’t you know that I have a sign above my computer monitor that provides all the inspiration I ever need to write? It says, “Today: Make Domenick Chuckle.”

      • #3 by domenick on February 4, 2011 - 3:51 pm

        I totally lol’d.

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