Motorcycle Sales “Not All Bad News.”

The headline from the UK Motor Cycle Industry Association (yes, “motor cycle” is two words) reminds me of the time I visited the dentist and he told me, “Your teeth look great, but your gums will have to be removed.”

The association just released an article with the title, “Motorcycle Sales Not All Bad News says Motor Cycle Industry Association.” The article notes that despite a year of depressing sales news from the motorcycle industry, there are some important trends developing in motorcycling.

There is a growing interest in the use of bikes for commuting and as the industry’s Get On campaign is taking effect there is an upwards trend in smaller machines with lower capacity bikes (up to 125cc) gaining a 10.4% increase in their market share. ‘Scooters’ also had a 9.3% increase in their market share.

Overall interest in motorcycling remains strong and the most recent Government statistics show that there were 1.3 million motorcycles licensed for use on the road, a significant increase of 77% since 1995.

The report, which was based on motorcycle registration statistics for 2010 in the UK, credited the association’s “Get On” campaign for helping new riders become familiar with motorcycles.  Or, as they say, “motor cycles.” By the way, the campaign’s web site is actually quite excellent.  Definitely go and take a look.

The relevance for Brammo: The Enertia has received EU type approval, and hopefully will be able to share in the upward trend mentioned for the smaller bikes.


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