Die großen Brammo Mann zeigt sich in Motorrad Magazin

German motorcycle magazine “Motorrad” interviewed Craig Bramscher in its latest dead tree issue.  Based on the POWER of Google Translate, he was either talking about the various ranges and speeds of the Enertia, Empulse, and Enertia Plus and touting their “reasonable and fun” characteristics, or it’s possible he was talking about a hovercraft being full of eels.  You never can tell for sure with Google Translate.

(See UPDATE, below)

Perhaps some of the bilingual readers of Brammofan can translate better.  Cover and article appear below.  Click each to load the full resolution copy and sei mein gast (be my guest).

Yes, I know it’s cut off on the right side.

Perhaps someone could peruse the magazine’s website for the text of the article, although it appears that, much like MCN, it keeps its dead tree versions and website versions separate.

UPDATE Thanks, Amadeus Photography for the translation!

Frank has provided a great translation of the text on the left side of the page:

Wow.  Thanks, Frank.

He also says:  “Can’t make out all of the interview, though… Got a full scan?”  I will work on that… in the mean time, do any of my millions of German readers subscribe to Motorrad?  Can we get a better scan of the interview?


Frank uses some guess work to fill in some of the gaps on the Bramscher interview:

A closer look:

Some interesting information here that isn’t particularly surprising to someone who’s been following Brammo like a rabid stalker, but which might interest the more casual observer: The EU bikes will be built in Hungary at the Flextronics factory there, scheduled to start production in “. . . 2011″ (I wonder if the the ” . . . ” is a pause, or an edited-out month), and that the dealer distribution network hasn’t been figured out yet.

Thanks again to Frank, who you can follow on Twitter @Amadeus_IOM


  1. #1 by CBke on January 14, 2011 - 11:42 am

    Complete interview uploaded in Picassa: http://picasaweb.google.com/CBke250/M?authkey=Gv1sRgCNjo4aKa-YnnQw#5562044041903907906

    No the ” ” is not a month it just says mid-2011.
    The place there are build is in Sarvar Hungary.


    • #2 by brammofan on January 18, 2011 - 12:02 pm

      Thanks for this! Very helpful of you.

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