The Debate rages on…

Don’t you hate it when you forget exactly how you set up the automatic feed-poster and twitter-feeder for your blog, and you know that it automatically just tweets the first few words of your article?  And you have an article that might get the kind of attention you don’t want, e.g. a “take down” notice from a big scary magazine?

Well, that the reason behind that rambling first paragraph.  Now, to the naughty bits that might get me in trouble if this post gets read by more than the Brammo-faithful.

This article appeared in the dead-tree version of Motorcycle News, a venerable publication from the UK that, for some unknown reason, is able to continue surviving on a subscription model that charges for the paper version, yet allows free access to its website.  Sure, the paper version contains articles that don’t appear on the website in a timely manner, but it seems to end up with a lot of articles that either don’t get read, or which get published by rogue bloggers.

The article below does not mention Brammo,  but it includes a debate that the readers of Brammofan are likely familiar with: will Electric Bikes replace I.C.E. bikes.  It’s worth a read for the well-crafted statements of Paul Blezard, one of the article’s authors.


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