Pinkyracr Wins!

I’m pleased to announce the winner of the 2010 Brammofan Brammo Babe of the Year award:

Susanna a/k/a @pinkyracr

Susanna was added as an official contestant when it became clear that she had enough write-in votes that she was in the top five from the original contestants.  At that point, she became a real contender and eventually won with 30.63% of the vote, well ahead of the second place finisher Alana, who had 17%.  However, if Susanna is unable to fulfill her duties as BBOTY, Alana will step in, no doubt, to attend the various grocery store grand-openings and other public appearances required by the BBOTY.

Susanna was unavailable for comment at the time of the publishing of this post because she was out doing wheelies on her R1.  She did, however, post on Twitter: ”thanks so much to you and all my other adoring fans! I promise to usher in a new era of love for motorcycling. 🙂 ” When she’s not darting around on her bike, she writes at and seems to spend lots of time on Facebook and Twitter jonesing for a free Brammo Empulse.

The BBOTY - Susanna, a/k/a Pinkyracr



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  1. #1 by Susanna on December 21, 2010 - 3:48 am

    well, actually, I was working. gotta pay for all that gas somehow. I know you may be shocked to learn that the Brammo Babe of 2010 actually rides the Hummer of motorcycles, a 2009 R1, with an appalling 23 mpg! Trust me, I was appalled and ashamed when I discovered just how horrendous the mileage was on this beast. But then, the way I ride, my Empulse 1.0 will probably get more like 40 miles/charge than the 100 it’s rated for. 😉 Unfortunately, a motorcycle with an average range of 23mpg is not technically considered a lemon (even though it should be!), therefore I could not return it.

    As for grocery store openings, there will be none of that. Unless it’s Whole Foods and includes a cart full of free groceries. However, I did make sure to announce my status to all and sundry at the Long Beach Int’l Motorcycle Show, where I walked the floor with Harlan Flagg, co-owner of the coolest motorcycle dealership In The World- Hollywood Electrics. We schemed ways to facilitate getting more electric bikes into the show, especially ones people can actually BUY!

    My next appearance will be at Fontana Raceway, where I’ll take to the track on my Hummer (unless that Empulse I pre-ordered in July is ready by January 7th!), then come back on Sunday to watch Chip Yates and his fancy new electric superbike duke it out against Ducati’s and such…

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