Car Talk wants a Brammo Enertia Plus

Fans of Car Talk on National Public Radio will need no introduction to this clip, but thanks to David Herron at the V is for Voltage Forum, here’s the proper intro for those of you who are unfamiliar:

An interesting sign of the times — I’m listening to Car Talk (a call-in program on National Public Radio where people call in with questions about their cars — I don’t understand why I, as an EV lover, listens to that show but it’s a fun experience) … for their weekly puzzler they always give several ways to send in answers like on a postcard or written on the back of something like a fancy schmancy gas grill.

This week, however, they suggested, “so if you think you know the answer, write it on a Brammo Enertia Plus electric motorcycle….”

Here’s a link to the excerpt where they mention the Brammo “EEEnertia Plus…”

Thanks again to David Herron for catching this.  Herron also writes for as the “Green Transportation Examiner.”



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