Enertia Gets Provisional Type Approval in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's Ponch

Early news from the head of Brammo’s distributor in Hong Kong, JCAM, is that the Enertia has received Provisional Type Approval today.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Motorcycle enthusiasts in Hong Kong…The Brammo Enertia receive provisional Type Approval in Hong Kong today!!!
I started to research the meaning of “Provisional Type Approval” but got lost somewhere between Hong Kong’s Department of Confusion and its Ministry of Prestidigitation. If someone out there is an expert on the subject and would like to enlighten us, please feel free to do so in the comments.
The HK press has been covering the Brammo Enertia quite a bit recently, as evidenced by these articles:

BikeHK covers the Brammo Enertia


iBike HK reports on the Brammo Enertia

I would try to translate the text of the articles here, but my Mandarin is a bit rusty.  Really, you should go to the websites and read it for yourself.  I used Google Chrome’s built-in translator and came up with this paragraph, full of information that was new to me:

Because cars and automatic gear stick wave sheep, can allow this action. But the trams are not allowed to, because there is no engine has launched a tram jitter sense, there is no need to turn the engine into the waves and the number of friction points will be raised to the characteristics of traffic, trams, twist on the line.

There is a lot more to ruminate on in those articles, including some great pictures of the Enertia and the color schemes being offered to buyers in HK.



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