El Segundo? Azul y amarillo? Ay Chihuahua!

Time to visit Chelsea Sexton’s favorite Best Buy store, where someone has been busy

defacing decorating a Brammo Enertia with the trademark blue and yellow of Best Buy.


Scooter in the front, Brammo Enertias in the back...


Ay, yi, yi… we’ve seen some interesting custom paint work on Brammo Enertias before, but let’s take a closer look at this one:


Hmmm. That's . . . interesting.


Yes, that’s definitely an Enertia, with the black side panels painted bright yellow.  And a big “Best Buy” sticker on the “Peacekeeper Blue” body panels.  But that’s not all . . .


Is that . . . lettering?


Yes, it’s lettering.  And it merits a close-up:

The good news is that this color scheme and decal show a commitment to Brammo by Best Buy that has been somewhat lacking in the recent past. (See: Enertia Spotted on BestBuy.com and Brammo Enertia on BestBuy.com – revisited).  So yes, it’s a good thing that they have painted a Brammo Enertia to the point of making it unsellable.  It’s eerily similar to a dog marking its territory.

The bad news is, like William Shatner’s rendition of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” this electro-freak is just similar enough to my beautiful blue Enertia that it’s now stuck in my head – I will look at mine, and see . . . . IT.

Damn you, Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn!  Damn you to Hell!


Oh my… they have begun to multiply:




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  1. #1 by evchels on October 22, 2010 - 10:38 pm

    Ok, that’s too funny. But at least it’s also in the colors of ESHS. School pride, anyone?

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