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Rob Novey, whose story of traveling from Minnesota to San Francisco will be called “Zen and the Art of Electric Motorcycle Maintenance,” has ended a few days of radio silence with a couple of great photos:

“Replica of the original bike from the 1968 journey beside the current bike traveling the journey. 40 years of progress in one photo.”

and this:

“Thanks Lee, for letting me ride this wonderful likeness of the original Honda ridden by Pirsig. Great bike, but no denying progress. I’ll happily keep riding the Brammo Enertia.”

The “Lee” he mentions in that post is Lee Glover, a documentary film maker who has been working on a movie about Pirsig.

Rob has apparently made it to Ashland, Oregon, home of Brammo, as he recently posted:  “Made it to Ashland Oregon. Great visit with the guys at the Brammo factory. Top notch operation. They even cleaned up the bike for me. Tomorrow, on toward San Francisco. I’m backlogged on photos. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to post soon.”

Stay tuned for more on Rob’s historic journey.



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